harry potter and the philosopher's stone quiz + hogwarts letter

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Quiz about Harry Potter's first movie plus pictures of the Hogwarts letter for students to design their own.


Who did Harry live with?

Which animal did Harry choose as his pet?What happened to Harrys parents?How does Harry travel to Hogwarts?How are the Hogwarts students sorted into their houses?What object does Hagrid have warming in his fireplace?Whats the number of the platform in which Harry takes the Hogwarts Express?What is the main (physical) characteristic of the Weasley family?How can you enter the Platform 9 ?What animal is Rons pet?What happened to Neville in his flying lesson?Describe Hermione Granger.Describe Draco MalfoyWho is Lord Voldemort? What happened when he tried to attack baby Harry?In which house would Harry prefer not to be chosen?Describe Dudley Dursley (Harrys cousin)What is the most popular sport in the magical world? Which are the objects needed to play it?What animal can Professor McGonagall turn into?Why is the Philosophers Stone so valuable? What object did Hagrid use as a magic wand when he picked Harry from his aunt & uncles house ? Which animal is protecting the secret trap door? Describe it. What happened when Harry tried different wands in the wand shop? Who attacked Hermione in he bathroom? What animal does Ron have as a pet? In the end, Harry, Ron and Hermione must play a game to save their lives. What game is it? What animal does Hagrid have as a pet? Who was Lord Voldemort in disguise?

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