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Many .net developers want to take advantage of JavaScript but struggle with the lack of tooling and language feature. This is especially true on larger, more-complex code projects. TypeScript can enable a .net developer to harness the capabilities of JavaScript while maintaining the tooling and syntax they prefer. This session will discuss some of the tooling advancements in Visual Studio 2012 related to JavaScript development. TypeScript is a new language developed by the creators of C# that compiles to JavaScript. The last portion of this session will dive into TypeScript and discuss some of the language features it provides on top of normal JavaScript. Between the IDE enhancements in VS 2012 and the language features of TypeScript, you will see that JavaScript development is not so bad.


  • 1. HATE JAVASCRIPT? TRY TYPESCRIPTBen Hoel(ng @benhnet b.hoelng@aspenware.com

2. Ben Hoel(ng In truth, hes just a big kid. He loves designing systems that solve real world problems. There is nothing more sa(sfying than seeing something you helped develop being used by the end users. Ben is also involved in the technology community and runs the South Colorado .NET user group. He also enjoys speaking at tech groups and events around the country. Ben Hoel(ng @benhnet b.hoel(ng@aspenware.com 3. Agenda:vTypeScript DefinedvWhats wrong with JavaScriptvWhats right with TypeScriptvTypeScript BasicsvTypeScript and ASP.NET (Web Forms and MVC)vTypeScript for Windows 8 Apps 4. TYPESCRIPT DEFINED v A coding language that compiles toJavaScript and provides strong typing andother modern coding language features 5. Whats Wrong with JavaScript 6. ISSUES WITH JAVASCRIPT v Dynamic Typing Leads to Run Time Errorsv Lack of Maintainability, Scalabilityv Fine for Small Appsv Takes Effort to Write and Learn how toWrite Clean Codev Client Side JavaScript Coding is Different 7. Whats Right with TypeScript 8. TYPESCRIPT ROCKS! v Compiles to JavaScriptv Provides Intent at Design Timev Any Browser, Any Host (Node.js), Any OSv Open Source + Tooling Supportv Static Typedv Provides Encapsulationv Interfacesv Classesv Modules 9. TypeScript Basics 10. THE BASICS - AMBIENT DECLARES v declare Keyword 11. THE BASICS - TYPES DEFINITIONS v : To Force a Type Definition 12. THE BASICS FUNCTION SIGNATURES 13. THE BASICS INTERFACES 14. THE BASICS CLASSES 15. THE BASICS MODULES 16. TypeScript Basics Demo 17. TypeScript and the Web Demo 18. TypeScript and Windows 8 Demo 19. TYPESCRIPT WRAP-UP JavaScripts TypeScript Basics TypeScript for the Shortcomings Enterprise JavaScript is TypeScript is a Tooling for dynamically typed, superset of TypeScript is which can lead to JavaScript. It provided for ASP.NET run-(me errors. provides sta(c typing and Windows 8 Encapsula(ng to improve tooling applica(ons by JavaScript is dicult, and design-(me installing a plug-in which makes it hard valida(on. It for Visual Studio. to us in large provides the ability applica(ons. to encapsulate your scripts. 19 20. Resources: v http://www.typescriptlang.orgv http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/jj983351.aspxv http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/jj870740.aspxv Pluralsight Coursev http://blogs.msdn.com/b/typescript/v http://typescript.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Roadmap&referringTitle=Home 21. HATE JAVASCRIPT? TRY TYPESCRIPTBen Hoel(ng @benhnet b.hoelng@aspenware.com


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