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My Hawaiian ExperienceKPT - International Practicum Jolaine Timpano

1Physical Setting of 0 to 3 ClassroomSmall room divided into different developmental areas by shelvesPlenty of toys, books, pictures, wall dcor, etc. for the children to use as learning toolsA table used for eating and group/structured crafts and activitiesMy creation of the room is on the rightChildren's CubbiesBathroomChange TablePlay Area (Divided into small sections through the set up of shelves and toys)

Table (Eating, Crafts, Activities)

Literature Area (Quiet Area/Carpet Area)

CribPlay Area (Baby Section)

EntranceSink2Physical Setting of 3 to 5 ClassroomThe room was larger than the 0 to 3 classroom but set up very similar

Shelves set up accordingly to divide the classroom into different areas (block centers, dress up centers, carpet center, book center, etc.)Lots of toys, books, activities, games, pictures, and wall dcor for the children to use as learning tools3 tables for eating or activities as well as smaller tables for the children to use at various centers. My creation of the room is on the left

CUBBIESMusic Center

Book Center

Carpet Time Area

Centers(Block Center, Dramatic Play Center, Craft Center)

Door to outside for water table.Baathroom

Sinks/Washing AreaTables Set Up for Snacks and Activities

Role of Caregiver in the ClassroomProvide the necessary meal times and nap times. Interact with the children and ensure the children interact with each other in various play experiencesEnsure the environment is safe, sanitized, clean, educational, etc. Assist with toileting, diapering, etc.

4My Role in the ClassroomObserve and learn from the childrenPlay and interact with the childrenHelp the teacher with any extra things they may need

5Similarities to my other PracticumsIn all my practicums I was able to interact hands on with the childrenIt didnt matter where I was placed, I always found the children super cute.Everywhere I was placed, their were a variety of cultures, behavior types, and personalities among the children6Differences to my other PracticumsMy role was a little more complex in my other practicums, I had specific tasks that needed to be completed (activity outlines)

The teachers in Canada were able to use me with more prepared outline than in Hawaii

In Canada I found that the practicum placements I was at were more organized and structured compared to the ones in Hawaii

7Positive Influenes towards my FutureI learned some new teaching strategies such as:

Write the childs description on their picture as well as the dateModel the behaviours you want seen (eat with the children)Allow the children to dish their own meals outSplit into two groups (one at story time and one at craft table) rather then a huge group at one activity (less chaotic)8Positive Influences Towards my Future (Continued)I was able to experience what it is like to work in a toddler roomI got the opportunity to work with staff that have a different frame of mind than I do

Lasting Friendships were made.Connection to Course MaterialCultural Professionalism: Compared to Canada, the dress code wasnt as strictExceptionalities: In Canada, all students that need aid support are provided a hands on aid worker with the child all the time.

Many memories with classmates at the sunsets were made!10Connection to Course Material (Continued)Sensory: The centers in Hawaii and Canada were very similar such as water tables, play grounds, paint, etc. They had a variety of toys and activities in all my practicum sites to ensure lots of sensory opportunities for the children.Curriculum: The classrooms in Hawaii had certain curriculum aspects that were taught week by week. For example, when I was there their theme was trees. In Canada, the programs I worked at had theme weeks as well.

Some Things I ExperiencedIt took some time to develop a relaxed professional/personal working relationship with one teacher. I didnt feel as comfortable as I should have until the atmosphere relaxed near the end of the week.Another teacher that I worked with had lots of neat personal experiences to tell me about which was very interesting for me.In general the teachers were all very welcoming, talkative and made me feel a part of their work routines.12Some Things I experienced (Continued)Working in a low income area was also a huge eye opener for me because I was able to get a glimpse of their every day life. The houses seemed very small and ghetto.While on practicum I experienced the other end of a food drive. It was heart breaking to see all the families and young children that have to live their lives dependent on food drives. It was a huge eye opener for me!

A trip to sea life park to meet up with the CYCsThe Long Bus RidesRiding the bus was an experience. It was interesting to see all the different people but challenging to sit through the hour long bus ride every day.

My Personal PhilosophyEvery child is unique and has their own story that plays a role in the behavioursPatience plays a huge role in a successful day.

15My Hawaiian ExperienceOutside of my Practicum

Mr. Mikes Class

I had the opportunity to sit through one of Mr. Mikes classes which was neat for me.

I was able to see what its like to attend college in Hawaii and got to explore the campus At the LuauThe luau (party) was a very cool experience for me.We were able to experience the true Hawaiian culture for one night.We met a very interesting tour guide named Cousin Kay, who gave me both a shell lei and a real flower lei.

Surfing & Snorkelling

I love water sports so surfing was a very fun and exciting experience for me.

I was a little unsure about snorkelling but I am glad I decided to do it because I got to see some sea turtles.My Hiking Experiences

The lighthouse hike was very memorable because we got stuck walking down in a rainstorm!Hiking up diamond head in the heat was quite the challenge but the scenery was very neat.

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