hawaiiana in 1988: a bibliography of titles of historical ...evols. in 1988: a bibliography of...

Download Hawaiiana in 1988: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical ...evols. in 1988: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical Interest ... Curtis Pi'ehu and Watson Lonra Kahilipuaokalani

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  • Hawaiiana in 1988:A Bibliography of Titles of Historical Interest

    Compiled and annotated by Tasuto Kaihara

    Adaniya, Ruth, Alice Njus, and Margaret Yamate, eds. Of Andagiand Sanshin: Okinawan Culture in Hawaii. Honolulu: Hui oLaulima, 1988. ix, 122 pp.

    Essays, some historical.

    Aikin, Ross R. Kilauea Point Lighthouse: The Landfall Beacon on theOrient Run. Lihue: Kilauea Point Natural History Association,1988. i n pp.

    Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Lighthouse.

    Albright, Harry. Pearl Harbor: Japan's Fatal Blunder: The TrueStory Behind Japan's Attack on December y, 1941. New York:Hipprocene Books, 1988. 378 pp.

    Allen, Helena G. Sanford Ballard Dole: Hawaii's Only President,1844-1926. Glendale, Calif.: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1988.304 pp.

    Anthropologists' Self-Portraits: An Introduction to Faculty at the Universityof Hawaii, Manoa. Honolulu: Hawaiian Anthropological Asso-ciation, 1988. 30 pp.

    Based on a series of feature articles called Center Stage in theAssociation's newsletter.

    Tasuto Kaihara is an Associate Library Specialist, Hamilton Library, University ofHawai'i.

    The Hawaiian Journal of History, vol. 23 (1989)



    Badger, Geoffrey. The Explorers of the Pacific. Kenthurst: KangarooPress, 1988. 248 pp.

    Includes Hawai'i.

    Baker, Lillian, comp. and ed. Dishonoring America: The CollectiveGuilt of American Japanese. Medford, Or: Webb Research Group,1988. 115 pp.Some Hawai'i references.

    Barratt, Glynn. The Russian View of Honolulu, 1809-1826. Ottawa:Carleton University Press, 1988. 424 pp.

    Boelen, Jacobus. A Merchant's Perspective: Captain Jacobus Boelen'sNarrative of his Visit to HawaiH in 1828. Translated with anIntroduction and Notes by Frank J. A. Broeze. Honolulu:Hawaiian Historical Society, 1988. xxxiii, 117 pp.

    Translation of vol. 3, Chapters 21-24 of: Reize naar de Oost- en Westkunstvan Zuid-Amerika en, van daar, naar de Sandwichs- en PhilippinjnscheEilanden, China enz, gedaan, in de Jar den 1826, 1827, 1828 en 1829, methet Koopvaardijschip Wilhelmina en Maria.

    Boutelle, Sara Holmes. Julia Morgan, Architect. New York: AbbevillePress, 1988. 271 pp.

    Includes Hawaiian buildings.

    Breitha, Olivia Robello. Olivia: My Life of Exile in Kalaupapa.Honolulu: Arizona Memorial Museum Association, 1988. viii,104 pp.

    Carter, Frances. Exploring Honolulu's Chinatown. With Francis andPuanani Woo of the Hawaii Chinese History Center. Honolulu:Bess Press, 1988. vii, 52 pp.

    Includes history of Chinese in Hawai'i.

    Char, Wai Jane and Tin-Yuke Char, comps. and eds. ChineseHistoric Sites and Pioneer Families of Rural Oahu. Honolulu: HawaiiChinese History Center; Distributed by University of Hawai'iPress, 1988. xxi, 276 pp.


    Conrad, Agnes G. and Barbara Dunn. Hawai'i Museums and RelatedOrganizations. Compiled for the Hawai'i Museums Association.Honolulu: Hawai'i Museums Association in cooperation withthe Hawaiian Historical Society, 1988. viii, 20 pp.

    Cowan-Smith, Virginia and Bonnie Domrose Stone. Aloha Cowboy.Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 1988. vii, 152 pp.

    History of horsemanship in Hawai'i.

    Cox, J. Halley and William H. Davenport. Hawaiian Sculpture.Rev. Ed. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 1988. xxvi,213 pp.

    Includes recently discovered pieces.

    Crane, Cheryl and Cliff Jahr. Detour: A Hollywood Story. New York:Arbor House/William Morrow, 1988. xi, 334 pp.

    Autobiography of actress Lana Turner's daughter. Last chapter onHawai'i.

    Culliney, John L. Islands in a Far Sea: Nature and Man in Hawaii. SanFrancisco: Sierra Club Books, 1988. xiv, 410 pp.Some history.

    Dabagh, Jean L. and Suzanne Espenett Case. Central Union Church,i88y-ig88, Honolulu, Hawaii: One Hundred and One Tears.Honolulu: The Church, 1988. 133 pp.

    Davis, Lynn Ann and Nelson Foster. A Photographer in the Kingdom:Christian J. Hedemann's Early Images of Hawaii. Honolulu: BishopMuseum Press, 1988. 194 pp.

    Bishop Museum Special Publication 85.

    Daws, Gavan. Hawaii, the Islands of Life. Honolulu: Published forthe Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i by Signature Publishing,1988. 156 pp.

    Some history.


    Dening, Greg. History's Anthropology: The Death of William Gooch.Lonham, Md.: University Press of America, 1988. xix, 122 pp.

    ASAO Special Publications, no. 2. Gooch, astronomer aboard theDaedelus, was murdered at Waimea, O'ahu, 1792.

    Dudley, Walter C. and Min Lee. Tsunami! Honolulu: Universityof Hawai'i Press, 1988. xii, 132 pp.

    The 1946 tsunami and others in Hawai'i.

    E Ho'omana'o, 1963-1988: Kapunahala Elementary School 25th Anniver-sary. Kaneohe: The School, 1988. 47 pp.

    Elliott, Rex R. and Stephen G. Gould. Hawaiian Bottles of Long Ago.Rev. Ed. Honolulu: Hawaiian Service, 1988. x, 220 pp.

    Forbes, David W. Emperor Norton & Hawaii. San Francisco: PaulMarkham Kahn, 1088. 6 pp.

    300 copies have been printed by Peter Rutledge Koch in Oakland.Includes facsimile letter to Kamehameha V, circa 1867, from NortonI, "Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico," of SanFrancisco.

    Fuller, Errol. Extinct Birds. New York: Facts on File, 1988. 256 pp.

    Includes Hawaiian birds.

    Hagmann, Marnie, Hawaii Parklands. Helena, Mont.: FalconPress, 1988. 112 pp.

    Hawaii Geographic Series, no. 1. Some history.

    Harris United Methodist Church: A Century of Growth, 1888-1988.Honolulu: The Church, 1988. 48 pp.

    Hawaii Business Index, 1979-1987. Honolulu: Hawaii Business?1988? 210 pp.

    Index to Hawaii Business magazine.


    The Hawaii Herald Index. Honolulu, Hawaii Herald, 1988? lxxii,163 pp.

    Indexed at West O'ahu College by Elaine Okimoto, Toyo Nakamura,and Joan Hori.

    Hawaii's Distinguished Citizen 1988: Honoring Senator Daniel K. Inouye,Sheraton Waikiki Ballroom, Honolulu, Hawaii, August 17, 1988.Honolulu: Aloha Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1988. 72 pp.Includes biographical sketch.

    Hemphill, Betty and Robert F. Hemphill. The Crossroads Witness.Honolulu: Church of the Crossroads, 1988. xv, 158 pp.

    History of the Church.

    Higa, Thomas Taro. Memoirs of a Certain Nisei, 1916-1985: AruNisei no Wadachi. Kaneohe: Higa Publications, 1988. xii, 164 pp.

    Includes war experiences. Translated by Mitsugu Sakihara, editedby Elsie Higa Taniguchi.

    History of Oahu Country Club, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1906-1988. Honolulu:The Club, 1988? vii, 128 pp.

    Holt, John Dominis. Robert William Holt: Founder of the Holt Familyin Hawaii. Honolulu: Topgallant Publishing Company, 1988.vii> 55 PP-

    Ho'okipa, Hawaiian Hospitality. Honolulu: Office of HawaiianAffairs, 1988. 20 pp.

    Hawaiian customs explained.

    Hopkins, Jerry. Fax 2 da Max. Honolulu: Bess Press, 1988. 112 pp.


    Hopkins, Jerry. How to Make Tour Own Hawaiian Musical Instruments.Honolulu: Bess Press, 1988. 40 pp.


    Iaukea, Curtis Pi'ehu and Watson Lonra KahilipuaokalaniIaukea. By Royal Command: The Official Life and Personal Reminis-cences of Colonel Curtis Pi'ehu Iaukea at the Court of Hawaii's Rulers.Honolulu: Hui Hanai, 1988. ix, 239 pp.

    Edited by Niklaus R. Schweizer.

    Ichioka, Yuji. The Issei: The World of the First Generation JapaneseImmigrants, 1885-1924. New York: Free Press, 1988. xii, 317 pp.

    Includes Hawai'i.

    Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii. The Legacy: A Bridge to Unity.Honolulu, 1988. 16 pp.

    Booklet to promote the establishment of a center in Honolulu. Textin English and Japanese.

    Joppien, Rudiger and Bernard Smith. The Art of Captain Cook'sVoyages. Volume Three: The Voyage of the Resolution and Discovery,1776-1780. New Haven: Published for the Paul Mellon Centerfor Studies in British Art by Yale University Press, in associationwith the Australian Academy of the Humanities, 1988. 2 v.

    Kamakau, Samuel M. / ka Wa 0 Kamehameha: In the Time ofKamehameha: Selected Essays. Edited and Translated with aBiographical Essay by Malcolm Naea Chun. Honolulu: FolkPress, Kapiolani Community College, 1988. 64 pp.

    Hawiian text, with English translation.

    Kekaha School Centennial, 1888-1988. Kekaha: The School, 1988.38 pp.

    Kimura, Yukiko. Issei: Japanese Immigrants in Hawaii. Honolulu:University of Hawai'i Press, 1988. xvii, 283 pp.

    Experiences 1885 through 1970.

    Krauss, Bob. Keneti: South Sea Adventures of Kenneth Emory. Honolulu:University of Hawai'i Press, 1988. ix, 419 pp.


    Lai, Kum Pui and Violet Lau Lai, ed. Researching One's ChineseRoots. Honolulu: Hawaii Chinese History Center, 1988. iv,124 pp.Proceedings of the 1985 Genealogy Conference in Hawai'i.

    Law, Anwei V. Skinsnes and Richard A. Wisniewski. KalaupapaNational Historical Park and the Legacy of Father Damien: A PictorialHistory. Honolulu: Pacific Basin Enterprises, 1988. 72 pp.

    Long, David. Gold Braid and Foreign Relations: Diplomatic Activitiesof U.S. Naval Officers, 1798-1883. Annapolis, Md.: Naval InstitutePress, 1988. xvii, 502 pp.

    Chapter 12, Hawai'i, 1826-1851.

    Lum, Arlene, ed. Sailing for the Sun: The Chinese in Hawaii, 1789-1989. Honolulu: Three Heroes, Publishers, 1988. 200 pp.

    Pictures and essays on the Chinese history. "Celebrates the bicenten-nial in 1989 of the arrival of the Chinese in Hawai'i."

    Ma'a, Thalia Lani. Laws of Historic Preservation in Hawai'i: KanawaimauMo'olelo. Honolulu: Office of Hawaiian Affairs, 1988. 47 pp.

    McCunn, Ruthanne Lum. Chinese American Portraits: PersonalHistories, 1828-1988. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 1988.174 pp.Includes Hawai'i.

    Mardfin, Jean Kadooka. Access to Con

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