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Abdul Afnan (401)

E-learning landscape & Marketing approach

strategy in India

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2Faculty Mentor

Mrs. Teena [email protected]


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3Company Mentor

Mr. Gaurav VarshneyMarkting managerHCL learning ltd.


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4Type of company Public companyFounder Shiv Nadar( Chairman &

CSO), Anant Gupta(President & CEO)

Founded 11 August 1976Head Quarters Noida, U.PBudget 2014-15 255,491 in lakhsPositioning of company in industry space


strategy Retain Customer, Quality Service

Number of employees 105,000Future Expansion Moving internationally in

11 countries and subsidiary going global such as HCL Learning

Turn around model Moving from product to services

Company Overview


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5HCL Enterprise:

HCL Corporation$6.5 billion

revenue 105000 employees

31 countries

HCL Technologies

HCL Infosystems HCL Healthcare HCL TalentCare

Product Engineering & R&D, Enterprise & Custom Applications, Enterprise Transformation Services, Infrastructure Management & BPO Services

A Distribution, IT Services and Solutions company with one of the largest sales & distribution network in the country. Private cloud and learning solutions for entire education ecosystem.

Total Revenues $5.6Bn EBITDA $146MnEmployees *100,240

Total Revenues $1.1 Bn EBITDA $ 5 MnEmployees* 5459

HCL Healthcare aspires to be the nation’s leading healthcare company providing a range of healthcare delivery, medical services, products and training to meet the growing need for quality healthcare

HCL TalentCare is an integrated Talent Solutions provider which aims to bridge the skill gap between Talent and the Enterprise. The solution framework addresses the Source-Skill-Staff value chain in multiple industries including IT Services, Banking and Insurance across entry-level roles in 0-3 year range.


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6HCL Business Model

Global presence in 31 countries

EuropeBelgiumCzech Republic FinlandFrance Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Sweden Switzerland UKNorwayDenmark

ANZAustraliaNew Zealand

Americas Brazil Puerto Rico USAMexico

AsiaChina Hong Kong IndiaIsrael Japan MalaysiaSaudi Arabia Singapore UAEQatar Indonesia

AfricaSouth Africa5


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7HCL InfosystemsMulti-brand Distribution Value –Added Distribution






Hardware Products and SolutionsServicesLearning

ServicesIT Infrastructure Services• Data Center & Network

Managed Services• Remote management

through HCL ITOperations Center

• Managed Security Services• Multi Vendor Technology

Support Services• Managed Print Services

Enterprise Application Services• ERP, CRM, SCM• Business Intelligence• Enterprise Content Management

• Document Management Services

• Application Development, Maintenance & Support Services

• Other sustenance mode services

Learning• DigiSchool 6.0 , MyEduWorld, MyIIT Tutor

• Xcelerate – IIT-JEE Preparation course

• K12 content, Test prep on Dongle & Tablets

• SRP - School ERP products


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8Partnerships: the Growth Drivers for HCL

HCL Infosystems

HCL Technologies

HCL Healthcare

2012HCL provides salesforce.com Consulting,

Implementation, Enterprise Integration and Maintenance & Support

2011HCL AXON Becomes Oracle

Enablement 2.0 Delivery Partner

2005HCL sets up first Power PC

architecture design centre outside of IBM

1991-96Created the HP brand for computers in India

2005360 degree relationship with Microsoft - go to market partner, infrastructure service provider, application service provider

2008collaborating on joint sales initiatives across financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and life sciences

2012Partnership focusing on providing Data Integration Solutions to different verticals

2012HCL provides solutions for fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) management and member experience management solutions (MEM)

2005Partners with Boeing for 787 Dreamliner programme


2014HCL Avitas, the first subsidiary of HCL

Healthcare Has been set up in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine



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9HCL Learning


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About HCL Learning

HCL Learning Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCL Infosystems Limited, India’s Premier Technology Company.

HCL Learning covers the entire spectrum of education and training requirements across schools, colleges, individuals and enterprises.

HCL Learning is a leader in offering holistic interactive learning K-12 content through its flagship product DigiSchool.

HCL offers customized content repository that caters to the students’ learning needs.

The content is designed and developed by HCL Learning Development Centre, certified by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research


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About DigiSchool

DigiSchool is a digital K-12 content from HCL Learning supported by best in class multimedia hardware & services.

The DigiSchool ecosystem is a combination of • Innovative content, • Best in class service and • World class multimedia infrastructure

• DigiSchool Already empowered more than 4 million students studying across 4000 schools.

• DigiSchool Hexagon Advantage offers schools unique benefits that make teaching truly Interactive, interesting and participative


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Competitors of Digi School

1. Educomp

2. Extramarks

3. Teach next

4. Pearson – Digi class

5. NIIT online

6. TATA Edge


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Customer Satisfaction

Gold standards - “Moving from technologies to touching people’s life”

1. People

2. Partner

3. Process

4. Tools

5. Services

6. Product

7. Technologies


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Social Responsibility


Nation building through transformationalleadership

MissionCreating equitable opportunities for leadership, through focused philanthropy


underprivileged children

2012India-wide chain K-12 schools to create lifelong



A technology-based educational interventionLeadership academy for meritorious rural program for Government Primary Schoolsenvisioning the eradication of illiteracy.

2010Instilling a deeper appreciation

and promotion of modern Indian art

RuralTransformation (1-12)

UrbanTransformation(K-12 & Art)

2011An interdisciplinary research-

oriented university

1996Amongst India’s top private engineering


Rural/UrbanTransformation(Higher Education)


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Wide Spread


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We did data collection work We did field work We made lots of presentations and presented

that presentations We did some calling work also


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17Data collection work

We had to collect data from internet Mostly we used google Data like, about HCL learning competitors, their

S.W.O.T etc We collect data of competitors activities like

alympiad and their promotions tools etc


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18Field work

We went lots of school in NCR We had to took information about their smart

board We gave questionnaire to teacher and students We need to analyse how often they use their

smart boar


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19Presentation work

Data we collected from internet now we have to present it to our mentor

Presentation on various topics like Olympiad , e-learning, S.W.OT analysis, e-commerce data, etc

We have to give presentation to our marketing manager


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20Calling work

We had to call various e-commerce web sites We had to asked about their selling process We had to asked payment methods


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Our presentation skill enhance We introduced to the corporate first time so we

involve us to their environment and follow rules like punctuality etc.

We can easily handle new person Our communicational skill enhance


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22Product satisfaction





Responds according to the Product Satisfaction of HCL


UnsatisfiedVery SatisfiedSatisfied

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23Results & Findings

While purchasing the machine majority of consumers are influenced by the price and quality

Some consumers are giving more importance to the brand image.

Many consumers are only almost satisfied with product and services but not fully satisfied. The reason is customer expects good and more services.

After sales service of the product is poor. The customers need to be trained to manage the

minor repairs of the Machine. Most of the consumers are unaware of the other

products of HCL.


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HCL learning should provide more features HCL should concentrate on their advertisement HCL should concentrate on their price strategy HCL should concentrate on their employees

(provide them desktop , etc)


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Marketing Management by Dr. Philip Kotler. HCL web site: www.hcl.com www.hclinfosystem.com www.hcltech.com Other web site: www.wikipedia.com/hcl learning www.slideshare.com www.indiainformation.com


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