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This presentation was part of the e-Pedagogy: From Flipped to Global Classroom & MOOCs Exploring Technology, Enquiry, and Pedagogy HEA event.


  • 1. VIDEO AND STORYTELLING IN LEARNING AND TEACHING Angus Macdonald Elearning Video Technician CAPE - Centre for Academic Practice Enhancement
  • 2. MDX Play http://www.play.mdx.ac.uk/ Since June 2009 over 600 videos
  • 3. Four Types of Video Content in Elearning (Robin Kay. Exploring the Use of Video Podcasts in Education: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature. Computers in Human Behaviour. Volume 28 Issue 3, May 2012) Lecture-based or substitutional videos Enhanced videos Supplementary videos Worked examples
  • 4. Substitutional 40%
  • 5. Enhanced 2%
  • 6. Supplementary 55%
  • 7. Enhanced/Supplementary Enhanced/Substitutional 241 videos on lecture capture server
  • 8. Worked Examples 3%
  • 9. Posted on December 14 2012
  • 10. Other Examples
  • 11. OU, BBC Bitesize, Channel 4 Learning Zone
  • 12. Common Craft
  • 13. The Khan Academy
  • 14. Coursera
  • 15. RSA Animate
  • 16. Open University, BBC Bitesize, Channel 4 Learning Common Craft The Khan Academy Coursera RSA Animate (Royal Society of Art)
  • 17. Threshold Concepts
  • 18. Threshold concepts Jan Meyer and Ray Land: Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge (2003) Threshold concepts can be considered as akin to a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something. It represents a transformed way of understanding [] without which the learner cannot progress.
  • 19. Threshold concepts David Perkins: Constructivism and Troublesome Knowledge (2006) Troublesome knowledge: knowledge that is alien, counter-intuitive or even intellectually absurd at face value.
  • 20. Threshold concepts Glynis Cousin: An Introduction to Threshold Concepts (2006) Mastery of a threshold concept can be inhibited by the prevalence of common sense or intuitive understanding of it. Getting students to reverse their intuitive understandings is also troublesome because the reversal can involve an uncomfortable, emotional repositioning.
  • 21. Conclusion Worked examples Visualising theories, concepts and ideas Threshold concepts Troublesome knowledge
  • 22. Thank you any questions?