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  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi





    The cry could be heard across the front lines, despite the ongoing chaos

    of blaster fire, explosions, and screaming men and women everywhere.

    The echoes of fallen troopers and enemies invaded the mind of Ash

    Nelachi, but she attempted to hone in as much as possible of those in most

    need, and to get to them. Fast.

    It was a complete deadlock. The entire spaceport was occupied with

    Alliance response teams on one side, and invading Black Star marauders

    on the other. Ash was briefed on the transport, but before they could

    finish, stray blaster fire clipped their wing, and the ship crashed into the

    battlefield before she really knew what was going on.

    She hadnt even landed yet, and she had to start healing. Now, there

    were pleas and cries coming from all around her.


    Ash opened her eyes. She knew where it was coming from. She bolted

    upwards from her meditation and Force-jumped into the air to get a

    bearing on the source. Blaster fire whizzed by her as she landed just

    behind the front lines. In one swift motion she unleashed her bright green

    lightsaber and deflected fire back at the enemy.

    She didnt have time for this. She ran for the injured soldier.

    Tending to him was a young Zabrak, injecting fluid into his leg.

    Two hits, hip and shoulder. His pulse is slowing. He said it fast,

    mechanically. Hed already gone through this enough times today.

    Ive got it, go back to the line. They need you.

  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi


    Yes, General Nelachi. He ran back towards the makeshift barricade

    set up by transport containers and civilian landspeeders piled on top of

    each other. Dozens of troopers popped up and down from the cover.

    Ash immediately closed her eyes and placed her hands over the trooper.

    He couldnt be more than a kid. Rodian skin temperature was supposed to

    be cold, but his was icy. She concentrated, and found the connection.

    Too weak.

    Her hands began shaking slightly. Channelling, transferring. She saw,

    and felt, his aura. It simmered around him, already fading. Not

    enoughtime. Quicker.

    She pulled on his fading aura, and concentrated even more. The Force

    was all around them now. The bluish-white energy swirled around her

    hands. She felt it. The cells regenerating. Skin healing. Life coming back.

    The Rodians temperature rose, just enough for him to open his eyes. He

    took a gasp of air and lurched forward. Ash braced his head and gently

    settled him back down, safe from the incoming fire above their heads.


    Youre okay, no need to worry.


    I heal before I fight. Its my job. And youve done yours. Trooper!

    One quickly moved over to them. General?

    Bring him to the relief line, supplies will be there. Hes in stable

    condition, keep him sedated.

    Yes, right away.

    He grabbed the Rodian and slung him on his shoulder, while crouching

    to stay clear of the relentless red streaks that poured across the battlefield.

    More cries. More pleas. More healing to do. Then she heard a familiar


  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi


    Back! Push them back! 4th Platoon, move right, cut the gap! Ash, some


    Ash powered her lightsaber again and dashed for the far side of the

    line. The wall of troopers was a blur, and she didnt even notice the laser

    beams flying at her. She jumped over fallen ones. Cant worry about that

    now. She saw three soldiers dragging five others back from the line.

    Lanvins distinctive bronze lightsaber swathed in the air as blaster fire

    bounced back from whence they came. Faint screams could be heard on

    the other side, the fire returned to their shooters. She was close enough to

    catch Lanvins smirk at the swiftness of it all.

    She stopped beside Lanvin as he Force-pushed one of the blockades

    speeders into advancing marauders. Its getting thicker. I can sense them

    jumping into orbit. Their numbers are greater than our assembled team.

    Stay hopeful, Apprentice. Theyre determined. Arent you?

    Yes, but wheres the backup?!

    A trooper popped out from cover, mounting his beam cannon. His head

    tilted into the scope and the trigger click unleashed a searing blue beam

    that burned at its target until it exploded. Figures flew into the air as the

    beam set an entire transport and everyone taking cover behind it ablaze.

    The barrel sizzled and he lifted his head from the scope.

    Really? I doubt we need it. These guys are amateurs. He took over

    again to recharge.

    Ash smiled at her apprentice. Stop thinking so pragmatically. Where

    do you need me?

    I think we can hold, after all. Sorry for calling, Ash. Get back there.

    Youre doing well. Maintain the perimeter.

    Before she Force-jumped back to the med station, she remembered,

    And its MasterNelachi!

  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi


    Lanvin looked towards the enemy lines. The spaceport platforms were

    filled with fighters, transports and an open-hatched corvette that must have

    brought more than a thousand Black Star marauders with it. Above, more

    were trapped in the sky, unable to land. Lanvin could see them now,

    lowering into the atmosphere. Twenty or thirty stolen ships hovered

    silently above the chaos on the ground below.

    Bright red and yellow lights started glowing from some of them. A

    vicious whiz emanated from the air as the cannons on the hovering ships

    lit up the sky. The sparse clouds shrouding them dissipated under the heat.

    Ash heard Lanvin yell, INCOMING AERIAL!

    Ash croaked her head upwards from healing the wounded on the

    ground; she was early enough to see the first wave of fire hit.

    Lanvin on the front lines grabbed a crippled trooper and ran back

    through the spaceports maze of buildings. The dozens of beams blasted

    into the ground at the same time, heaving up the foundation of the

    spaceports structures, a tidal wave of debris coming towards them. While

    the first beams hit in pulses on the ground with thundering noise, Ash

    rushed towards Lanvin, leaping as fast as her Force-jumps could take her.

    The beams from the sky stopped and the whizzing of devastating

    energy was replaced by the thundering of rubble coming towards the

    transit terminal, where the med-station hid in safety behind towering

    pillars that held it up under a landing platform above. Ash looked on as

    Lanvin and the last line of soldiers ran towards her, escaping inside.

    The first tidal wave of scorching metal, rock, and concrete shadowed

    the sky, coming down towards them. Lanvin stopped and pivoted around

    instantly in front of the entrance. He put up his hands and positioned his

    feet. A bluish dome-shaped aura glimmered suddenly. In one deep breath

    Lanvin braced himself before the debris hit his Force-shield. The impact

  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi


    slid Lanvins feet backwards and buckled his arms. The huge pieces

    deflected into the far sides of the entrance, crashing through the pillars

    around the entire Alliance team. He heaved, and pushed harder, as the last

    of the falling rocks hit the transparent barrier. The noises from the ships

    stopped. A wall of smoke rose above the gaping craters formed in the

    ground. As it cleared up, the marauders looked on from the landing pads,

    in between the devastated spaceport buildings, as the Alliance team

    emerged from behind the rubble.

    The ships began lowering into the atmosphere, and more Black Star

    rained down towards the space port. Ash tapped her boot against his shin-

    guard. Lanvin shifted his gaze from the lowering ships to Ash.

    Not bad, Apprentice.

    My pleasure. But I think were going to need some help, after all.

    The heavy gunman from before took out the short-circuiting battery

    from his launchers back compartment.

    Yeah, I agree.

    He rose and approached the entrance, surveying the mangled remains

    of the spaceport. Ash and Lanvin followed. Dark smoke rose from the

    buildings still standing amidst the deep scorched craters and hunks of

    debris that littered the ground. They looked past it, and at the enemy lines.

    Figures stopped running back and forth. There was a second of silence

    before the first laser fired back. The chaos began again.

    Lanvin shouted orders and began running towards the empty frontlines.

    Blaster fire and missiles flew in both directions. The troops rushed

    forward, establishing a perimeter again while Ash called in through


  • 8/8/2019 Heal - Jedi Master Ash Nelachi


    She ended the message, and looked upwards.

    One of the ships exploded. Figures fell from the sky into the crowd of

    Black Stars. Her commlink beeped.

    Six A-wings zoomed past Ash as she looked on. Each one fired two

    missiles into the crowd of lowering ships, and each missile weaved into a

    separate target. Ships began falling rapidly to the ground, and Ash saw

    explosions shoot up from the enemy lines.

    Their numbers were diminishing fast. The Alliance pushed forward

    above the rubble wall that had been left behind. Ash could hear Lanvin

    roar up front, while she turned back towards the quiet wounded that lay in

    the terminals aid station.