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1. Welcome Towww.sonomafarm.comHealthy Diet is necessary for Healthy LivingFollow Us:- 2. Salads are always considered asa healthy diet. But for somepeople salads are boring optionsfor living on a healthy diet.Salads can be made interestingby adding some complexity andtexture to it. You can add somepine nuts, parmesan, plumpedcurrants, shaved cabbages,oranges, basil, etc. Whatever thetexture of your salad might be,you need to give them a dressingof infused cherry balsamicvinegar to make it lip smackingdelicious. 3. Cherry Balsamic VinegarPreparing cherrybalsamic vinegar isvery easy and simpleto make. Vinegar hasa low pH, whichmakes it safe to storein the refrigeratorafter it is prepared.Cherries are theperfect option in fruitto use as they are notsweet enough foreating. 4. One cup of good quality balsamic vinegar Two cups of fresh cherries 5. Place a pan over a medium heat then pour the vinegar into it and allow it toboil. Put the cherries into a bowl and pour the heated vinegar over thecherries. Leave the mixture to cool at a room temperature. After some timewith a potato masher crush the cherries just to release their juice. Thentransfer the mixture into a container and seal it tightly. Refrigerate themixture for one week or two to allow the flavor to develop. 6. Ensure that thevinegar is strainedproperly before usingit. Discard the cherriesand pits. Store thestrained mixture in therefrigerator. Use it fordressing your salad ortopping it on bakedbrie. 7. Contact Us:-1025 west end avechicago heights,Illinois, USAcontact no- 773-791-54333Email:-support@sonomafarm.com