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Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits. Healthy Eating. Introduction. Have you ever thought about the food that you are eating?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits

  • Have you ever thought about the food that you are eating?A nutritionist needs your help. They have noticed that the students are not making healthy choice when they are coming to the canteen. They need your help to inform the other students how important it is to eat healthy food.

  • BackIn this activity you will investigate the type of food choices your fellow class mates have in their lunch boxes. With your team will create a meal plan for a lunch box incorporating all the recommended foods. Your team will present your lunch box meal plan and a poster comparing healthy and unhealthy foods. You will then use all the information collected to compose a brief oral report to tell your class why your team made the your menu choices.

  • Activity 1. Go to the Go for 2 and 5 web site and create your own Veggie person.

    Activity 2. Whats in our lunch box? Print off the page (You made need to get your teacher to help. With your partner interview 4 of your class mates about what they have in their lunch box.

    Activity 3. Play the games on the Food champs site and Create a lunch box

    Activity 4. Write a menu for a healthy lunch.

    Activity 5. Use kidpix to design a picture to show what a healthy lunch box would look like .

    Activity 6. Design a poster to present to the class. All of your group members need to be ready to explain the difference between healthy and unhealthy food. Back

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    CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 MenuThe menu contains a well balanced choice of the 5 food groups. The menu show an understanding of correct choices for a balanced lunch boxThere is little understanding of a balanced lunch box The menu shows no understanding of a healthy balanced lunch boxPosterPresentation is clear and informative. Demonstrates a very good understanding of eating healthy. Presentation is clear and shows an adequate understanding of the importance of eating healthy. Presentation has little information and basic understanding Presentation is not organized and has now understanding of healthy eating Group ParticipationEach group member participated in assignment and presentation. Each group member had little participation in assignment or presentation. There was a lack of collaboration between group members. Most if not all group members did not participate in assignment or presentation.

  • Congratulations! You have done a super job at looking at the foods that we should eat. You should now have a better understanding of eating healthier meals. Now you can always make sure you are looking at what you eat and make sure that your meals are well balanced.Back

  • BackFood chart for 2 & 5 games

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