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Healthy Me How do I live a healthy life? Microsoft clipart Slide 2 Unit Question How do your personal interests influence your personal health? Microsoft clipart Slide 3 Content Questions What foods do I like? What sports do I like? How do my food choices and activity level affect me? How does culture influence diet? How does culture influence sports? Microsoft clipart Slide 4 Students Prior Knowledge Students will brainstorm about the question: Estoy saludable?. They will list all vocabulary they know about it. Students will do a graphic organizer to answer questions about their favorite food drinks and sports. Students will answer a survey about their personal choices on food, drinks and sports. Microsoft clipart Slide 5 What will you learn at the end of this unit? You will be able to talk about your likes and dislikes on food, drinks and sports. You will be able to identify healthy ways of eating. You will be able to compare foods from a different culture You will be able to communicate in a different language. Microsoft clipart Slide 6 Project Questions Cul es tu comida favorita? Cul es tu bebida favorita? Cul es tu deporte favorito? Como estamos saludables? Microsoft clipart Slide 7 Standards B1.3-2 Use visuals as support in communicating a message. B 4.2-3 Identify practices from Latin culture and the students native culture Microsoft clipart