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  • 1. Senior Leaders: Dont Fear the Selfie!

2. I dont want to oversell this too much, but These next few slides likely will change everything about the way you think about everything... 3. Or maybe just about #Selfies (This # is a hashtag, remember? Its going to be key a little later on) 4. Its not just that EVERYONE is doing it 5. But we have this like really super-big, totally awesome campaign coming up 6. (Perhaps you heard? ) 7. Anyway, we need YOUR* help! *Just you. No one else. This is a mission that only the Senior Leaders at Condell can perform. Its a specially tailored, one-of-a-kind type mission that only you can do. If this were the first Star Wars movie, Princess Leia would be saying, Help me, Senior Leaders at Condell. Youre my only hope. This is just like that. 8. We could make this really, really difficult. But we like you. So why not 3 simple steps? Click a picture of yourself & how you live your healthiest life. (Id recommend using your mobile device for this, though an oil-on- canvas painting would be equally appreciated.) Tag the photo using the hashtag #HealthiestLife. Please use this hashtag. Do NOT use hash brownsthose wont work as well, but they sure are tasty. Post on Instagram and/or Twitter. You can post in the mail, but that will take a little longer and cost u $$$. Try posting this way first. 1. 2. 3. 9. But, Mr. PR Pants, why would we do such a thing? A. Because its cool, and you want to be cool, dont you? Think about the points youll score with your kids. Your kids kids! Your great grandkids!!! 2. Because posting pictures is better for your health than smoking. III. Because you will be THE FIRST to appear in Advocates AMG campaign. (For realyou will see yourself(ie) on 10. Now, lets do a quick show/tell: This is a Healthy* Selfie: This is a picture of a Selfie**: **Okay, lets agree that maybe the skydiving selfie is a bit extreme. But how do I know you arent officially sponsored by Red Bull and you shred it up in your free time? **Please do not take a picture of someone else taking a selfie. Its pretty meta and all, but not what were looking for. Selfies only. 11. This is a picture of a wiener dog on a mini- moog***: Well, thats just impossible to follow. You get the idea. ***Fun/funny. But also not what were looking for. 12. Review 1. Click a photo of yourself (with or without people or wiener dogs) doing something healthy* starting Memorial Day Weekend 2. Hashtag with #HealthiestLife 3. Post to Instagram/Twitter *Healthy things include, but arent limited to: dancing, swimming with dolphins, walking your dog or hamster, playing guitar, playing sitar, playing the pan flute in the worlds most extreme pan flute band that ever rocked the pan flute, training to be a Navy SEAL, training an actual seal, training your dog to walk your hamster, doing yoga, meditating (though the act of selfie-taking will likely take you right out of the present moment and set your meditation session back a good twenty minutes, give or take), kite surfing, sidewalk surfing, grocery cart surfing, laughing, laughing by yourself, laughing with your friends, laughing at your friends, laughing at the TV (but only if youre doing so while on the treadmill remember, were going for healthy), riding a ride at Six Flags, winning a game of dodgeball, hoisting the Stanley Cup over your head, hoisting your friend Stanleys coffee cup over your head (please make sure the coffee isnt like McDonalds-hot, mkay?), etc. 13. This guy is always ready to help, and can even post photos to Advocate Condells Twitter/Instagram feeds if you cant/wont. Just email himhes the nicest guy ever. Tell your friends. Josh McColough Manager, Public Affairs & Marketing @AdvocateCondell (Twitter & Instagram) 847.990.5295