healthy spaces, healthy places david charles sloane sppd, usc october 21, 2004

Download Healthy Spaces, Healthy Places David Charles Sloane SPPD, USC October 21, 2004

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  • Healthy Spaces, Healthy PlacesDavid Charles SloaneSPPD, USCOctober 21, 2004

  • An Inequitable and Evolving Health Care SystemThree Projects:Medicine Moves to the Mall B Conant Sloane: Johns Hopkins University Press (2003)Diminishing Health DisparitiesCDC funded CHCs African Americans Building a Legacy of HealthyHistory of Childrens Hospitals

  • Medicine Moves to the MallDartmouth Hitchcock Med Ctr. The Mall Moves to MedicineVermont Avenue, Los Angeles Medicine Moves to the Mall

  • Advertising for Health, Offering Healthy OptionsSurveyed 348 restaurants in target area, 311 in comparison area

    Target restaurants advertise more, while comparison restaurants advertise healthier options

    Comparison restaurants offer healthier preparations, healthier choices, opportunity to substitute healthier options

  • St. Louis Childrens Hospital

    Care to ride in the balloon?