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  1. 1. Who are You? What outcomes do you want to see from today?
  2. 2. A Few Reasons Diversity Matters to Orgs PROFIT & EARNINGS: A McKinsey study of 180 public cos showed that teams with women BODs on avg had 53% higher ROE and 14% higher EBIT than cos without. INNOVATION: Diversity enhances creativity and innovation by encouraging the intro of new ideas towards better solutions. PROMOTION & HIRING: Diverse leadership teams have a better shot at broadening their pool of candidates and seeing applications from non-traditional but qualified hires. 3 1. Barta, Thomas. Is there a payoff from top team diversity? McKinsey Quarterly. April 2012. 2. Phillips, Katherine W. How Diversity Makes Us Smarter.Scientific American. October 2014.
  3. 3. Unconscious Bias Unconscious bias refers to the info, attitudes, and stereotypes that inform our subconscious information-processing. Common Bias: Availability: Decisions based on easily retrievable info Anchor: Relying too heavily on an anchor fact or trait Similar to Me: Tendency to favor people similar to you Confirmation bias: Confirms your existing beliefs 4 Eg. On resumes sometimes were even influenced by whether or not a name is racialized or genderized, home address, school
  4. 4. Where can Unconscious Bias Hurt Diversity? Bias can affect the organization in a number of ways including: Recruiting Hiring decisions Initial Orientation Employee Mentorship Job Assignments Training Opportunities Listening to peoples ideas and suggestions Making Promotions Giving Performance Reviews Deciding Organizational Policy How we Message and Market Choosing spokespeople, board members and Leaders How we treat customers 5
  5. 5. Popular Topics Related to Unconscious Bias Structured Approaches: Candidate/promotion criteria, questions, scoring and process. Data Collection: Collect info on candidates, interviews, promotions, job assignments, training, mentorship, leadership. Evaluate Micro - Aggression: What language, actions, behaviors perpetuate biases or exclude others? Sometimes this is even just how a space is designed. Accountability: Often policies, social pressure + enacting behavioral changes via structured approaches, data collection and auditing microaggressions. 6
  6. 6. Group Discussion & Reporting Add your notes bit.ly/unconsciousbias-hb
  7. 7. What are your next steps? I promise to 8
  8. 8. Got Feedback? events@heavybit.com Continue the Discussion: #inclusion in HB Community Slack Thanks!


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