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  • All of our advisors live locally, know the islands, and are ready to share their expertise with you,

    to ensure you enjoy the holiday you deserve.

    Discover the magical, mysteriousHebridean islands, an area of greatcontrast, perched right at the very

    edge of Europe - next stop, America!

    Find vast tracts of moorland, some virtuallyunvisited and occupied only by flora and fauna,thousands of freshwater lochs and lochans, andmile after mile of soft shell-sand beaches, wheretropical plants and seeds are often washedashore by the Gulf Stream.

    Wide open space is everywhere, so its hardlysurprising that most visitors come to find peaceand quiet. Some arrive in the hope of seeingrare and wonderful creatures at close hand - sea

    eagles, otters, corncrakes, whales, puffins ordolphins, while others are content to sit on adeserted beach, with a good book to read.

    So much space also means those seeking ahigher energy holiday need not disturb you.

    They will not be disappointed, either, withkayaking through silent waters or cycling theislands tracks and quiet roads. Or, perhaps,experiencing some of the most consistent surfin Europe; climbing sea-stacks or kite surfingand land-sailing.

    Whatever your interests,we bring you aconvenient, high quality and good value formoney opportunity to experience the Hebrides

    at first hand.

    All of our advisors live locally, know the islands,and are ready to share their expertise with you,to ensure you enjoy the holiday you deserve.

    Every hotel, inn and guest house in thisbrochure has been selected because we believeyou will be well looked after by the owners ormanagers and staff - in the true tradition ofHebridean hospitality.

    Our holiday itineraries are foundation stones onwhich we can build your own holidayprogramme - personal to you and designed tofit your wishes.

    Well book all your accommodation for you, yourferries, air travel if required, and even help youfind a programme of activities.

    If you want your holiday to include a hire-car ora rental bicycle (even electric-assisted) we canhelp; well even point you in the right directionfor the public bus network, if you wish.

    Whats more, a made-to-measure holiday needcost no more than an ordinary trip. Our pricepromise guarantees it.

    Explore the brochure and then visit our website atwww.hebrideanhopscotch.com,to see what we have to offer you - then call us for a no obligationquote and itinerary - yourewelcome.


    HISTORY AT YOURFINGERTIPS Fascinating relics are close wherever you travelin the Outer Hebrides. This is history thats upclose and personal - you can touch, feel andvisualise the past for yourself.

    There are ancient stone circles, Iron Agesettlements, chambered burial cairns andblackhouses restored to reflect the way croftersreally lived in the 1950s. Museums, large andsmall, impart the story of a population that hasbeen here for over 5,000 years.

    Explore those aspects that are clearly provableand be enchanted by the stories that are full ofmystery and conjecture - formulating your ownopinions about what is real and what is legend.

    ENJOY THE FRESH AIRON A BICYCLETOURING HOLIDAY Our leisurely end-to-end island cycling holidays,include fully equipped hybrid touring bikes, or,at a modest extra cost, its even easier with aneco-friendly electrically assisted bike.

    Collect your bikes in Stornoway or Barra for aleisurely 8 night holiday, meandering around140 miles to the other end of the OuterHebrides - then leave the bikes and travel home.

    Relax and enjoy the views at close quarters,following our ready made route-plans or one ofyour own.

    Prices start at 499 per person (8 nights), for 2sharing in a mix of group 1 and 2accommodation - including all your ferries, bedand breakfast and bike hire (e-bikes add 18.00per night). If you prefer a shorter holiday, or tobring your own bikes, just ask and well quoteyou. See pages 11, 21 and the complete detailsthat are on our web site.

    Crannag, isle of Barra

    Early morning light over Point Peninsula, Lewis. Harris mountains in the distance.

    At Bragar, on the west coast of Lewis

    A full Scottish breakfast is included each day -

    with lighter alternatives also available.

    Sheer relaxation

    What did you enjoy most about

    your holiday?

    The peace and quiet.The amazing wildlife andwildflowers.The visitor attractions, museums,etc., well laid out and informative.The friendliness of everyone we met.

    - Mr. T. from Worcestershire.

    What did you enjoy most about

    your holiday?

    The great people we met, thebreathtaking scenery and the history ofyour country. - Mr. and Mrs K. from Canada.

    It was magical. The scenery superb.All arrangements went so well.- Mr. and Mrs N. from Ayrshire.

    YOUR FINANCIAL PROTECTION:All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays in thisbrochure are financiallyprotected by the ATOL scheme.When you pay you will be supplied with anATOL Certificate. Please ask for it and check toensure that everything you booked (flights,hotels and other services) is listed on it. Pleasesee our booking conditions on page 24 forfurther information or for more informationabout financial protection and the ATOLCertificate go to:www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate

    Holidays using car/ferrytravel only are protected byTotal Payment Protection(topp) Policy cover.Please see our booking conditions on page 24for more information.

    TRAVEL INSURANCE:ATOL and Topps protection does not replacepersonal holiday travel insurance, which werecommend to cover losses due to missedconnections, weather interruptions or inability totake your holiday because of illness, etc.

    Many bank and credit card accounts includeholiday insurance, so it may be worth checkingbefore you buy elsewhere. Check in the small printthat weather delays are covered.

    OUR ADVISORS KNOWWHAT HOLIDAYS HEREARE REALLY LIKE All our staff actually live in the Outer Hebrides, so

    our intimate knowledge of the islands means

    were well placed to suggest places to go, things

    to do and sights to see.

    Our advisors continually increase their local

    knowledge, to have the information you ask for.

    Whether you want to know about fitting

    accommodation around a trip to St. Kilda or

    where to find the Outer Hebrides only whisky

    distillery, we can help.

    SOMETHING SPECIALFollowing another successful year with the SelectCollection, we continue to offer a limited numberof holidays based in accommodation that weregard as extra special - for a complete itinerary oran add on to a more modest holiday.

    The accommodation may be more luxurious, in aunique location or perhaps offer more facilitiesthan some of the others we list.

    See page 17 for more information.

    www.hebrideanhopscotch.com 0845 230 1236

    CATCH THE BESTLIGHT FOR PHOTOSOFF SEASON - WITHUP TO 25% OFFSUMMER PRICES Expert photographers generally agree thattheres a special quality to the light here beforeand after the summer.

    A number of our hosts have joined with us tooffer a full 25% off the cost of accommodation(sorry, not ferries) before 30th April and from 1st October.

    By taking advantage of this great offer, youcould save enough to buy some large framedprints of your 2014 holiday photos. There aremore details on page 19 and on our web site.

    To learn more, please call 0845 230 1236.


    If youre sepnding afew days at theCommonwealthGames, youllalready be nearly

    here, so it makes sense to visit us then.

    The Outer Hebrides are just a short hop fromGlasgows international airport.

    Our travel advisors would be happy to organiseyour flights from Glasgow, a flydrive car, ferriesand accommodation for an unforgettable startor conclusion to your holiday of a lifetime.

    With a flight into or out of Barras amazingairport - the only beach airport in the world thathandles scheduled flights.

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  • Bring your own car, relax, take your time and enjoy the scenery as you sail over to our island paradise

    Cut down your journey time and explore the Outer Hebrides with one of our Flydrive cars

    The many improvements of recent years,have made the road to the isles a greatdeal more convenient than it once was,

    and Scottish Government ferry subsidieshave made it considerably less expensive.

    You could make the road journey part of yourholiday, taking time to explore other Scottishhighlights on the way - the mountains and glensof the Highlands and sea lochs of the westcoast.

    Leave the motorway near Perth and follow wide,smooth trunk roads past Inverness to Ullapool.Then take a short voyage on the MV Isle ofLewis, the pride of Caledonian MacBraynes fleet,with observation lounge, restaurant, bar,

    childrens play area - and some of the finestviews in Scotland.

    Or take the scenic route to Oban or Skye andcross with another of CalMacs large, modernships. Typically carrying more than 100 cars and600 passengers, these large, drive-on/drive-offships offer a relaxed, stress free journey. Winnersof many awards, CalMac have staff who reallycare about making your journey easy. Nocustoms, no immigration, no fuss and Sundaysailings on all the routes we use. You can visitthe restaurant or one of the bars, relax in acomfy seat or stroll on deck while amazingscenery slips past the ship.

    Of course, travelling in your own car, youll enjoy

    familiar comforts, and you can bring as muchbaggage as you like - even your mountain bikes!

    Your inter-island ferry crossings are all includedin the holiday package on purpose built ferriesthat each vary widely in size and facilities, but alloffer a fascinating journey.