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  • 1. The Day of the Dead & Halloween

2. The Day of the Dead, is atraditional Aztec and Mexicanholiday honouring the dead. Itis celebrated every year at thesame time as Halloween. In the homes families arrange ofrendas or "altars" with flowers, bread, fruit, candy and pictures of the deceased family members. 3. The next day thefamilies travel to thecemetery.They carry flowers, candles,blankets, picnic baskets and theyalso clean the graves of their lovedones. Brujerias.ICO Brujerias.ICOSkeletons and skulls areBrujerias.ICOfound everywhere and somepeople bring their guitars andradios to listen to music. 4. Halloween is onOctober 31st, the last dayof the Celtic calendar.Halloween was started by theCelts, who celebrated their New Yearon November 1st. 5. "Ooh, what a scary vampire!"Halloween is a childrensholiday where all the childrenget dressed up and go door todoor asking for candy. People allow their children to dress as ghosts, witches, pirates and many other monsters. 6. There are no images oforMexican version of Halloween. the devil. It is not the ofrendas are not for orAltars dead people, ghosts, witches,worshiping but for offering our loveMexicans have celebrated the Day of the Deadsince the year 1800 B.C. and remembering our departed family members. Common Misconceptions About the Day of the Dead Celebrations It is about Love not Fear.Its a day of happiness not a sad ritual. It is because we will be remembering our loved ones. 7. Write T for true and F for false statements.1. The day of the dead is a traditional American day.2. In the ofrendas people arrange pictures of1. ___ ghosts, witches, monsters or the devil..2. ___3. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and 3. ___ November 1st. 4. ___4. In the day of the dead all children get dressed 5. ___ as monsters. 6. ___5. The day of the dead is the Mexican version of 7. ___ Halloween.6. The day of the dead is about sadness and fear.7. Thee day of the dead is celebrated since the Aztec times.