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  • Henry FordEntrepreneur of the 20th Century

  • Early life Born in Dearborn, Michigan

    on July 30th, 1863 Grew up on a prosperous

    farm Quickly became interested

    in engineering At age 16 Ford left home to

    look for work in Detroit. First job was as an Engineer

    with the Edison IlluminatingCompany.

  • First inventions Within two years Ford was

    chief engineer at Edison Co. Using the money from his

    increased salary Ford beganworking on first invention, thequardricycle.

    During his work on thequardricycle Ford formed apartnership with William H.Murphy, they were to workvery well together in thefuture.

  • Ford Motor CO. After his earlier inventions

    and and several failedattempts at privatebusiness, in 1903 Fordcreated the Ford MotorCompany, becoming itsvice-president and chiefengineer.

    Not an instant success, atfirst only a few cars weremade a day.

  • Model T and the Assemblyline In 1908 all thatchanged

    Ford designed theModel T, the firstcar designed for themasses.

    This design wasmade along arevolutionarymoving assemblyline and was madefrominterchangeableparts.

    By 1918 half of allcars in Americawere model Ts

  • Fords Effects on modernAmerica

    Fords movingassembly linerevolutionized the20th century.

    The assembly lineallowed for massproduction, and wasa key factor inshaping the worldinto what it is today.

  • Ford today Since its founding in 1903 the Ford Motor

    Company has made 146.3 billion dollarsin profits.

    It employs over 213,000 workers worldwide.

    It produces over 5.5 million cars a year It is the fourth largest car company in

    the world.

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