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Henry Ford

The man who put America on wheels

Henry Ford

Bhagyalata Phatak1About Henry FordHenry Ford Henry Ford was the American founder of the Ford Motor Company.Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863. He was the oldest of William and Mary Fords six children. The Fords lived on a farm near Dearborn, Michigan.He did not invent automobile. But he did make important changes to the car industry. Father of modern assembly lines used in mass production. Introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. He transformed an agricultural to an industrial America.

Bhagyalata Phatak2Early YearsHenry began school when he was 7 year old. Each day, he walked to one-room schoolhouse. Henry had little interest in his schoolwork. He instead wanted to study machines and tools on family farm. He often took apart the farm machines and tools to see how they worked. Farm machines were not only things Henry took apart. Henry enjoyed studying toys and watches.Henrys brothers and sisters often hide their new toys from him. They did not want Henry to take the toys apart and break them. As he older, Henry earned money by fixing watches for his neighbors.Ford married Clara Ala Bryant in 1888 and supported himself by farming and running a sawmill.They had one child: Edsel Ford (18931943).

Bhagyalata Phatak3Career He walked to Detroit to find work In 1891, Ford became an chief engineer with the Edison Illuminating Company Gasoline engines Ford Quadricycle Meeting with Thomas Edison Detroit Automobile Company on August 5, 1899

Henry Ford with Thomas Edison

Bhagyalata Phatak4Ford Quadricycle

1896-1901 "Ford sold his first Quadricycle* for $200 in 1896 to Charles Ainsley. He later built two more Quadricycles: one in 1899, and another in 1901. He eventually bought his first one back for $60.

In 1896, Henry Ford test drove his first invention Quadricycle.He named it as Ford Quadricycle as it ran on four cycle wheels. It was also called as Horseless carriage.The success of the little vehicle fuelled Ford's automobile ambitions, leading ultimately to the founding of Ford Motor Company in

Bhagyalata Phatak5Model T Car In 1908, Henry Ford designed the Model T car. It was light, strong , fast and came only in one colour blackThe car became so popular1913 he added the first motorized assembly line in the plant

Bhagyalata PhatakI will build a motor car for the great multitude, Ford proclaimed in announcing the birth of the Model T in October 1908. The car which changed the way millions of Americans lived. Owning a car allowed people to move from place to place easily. People travels faster and farther their homes.It was light, fast, strong and quite chip and came in only color i.e. black. The car became so popular that it changes the entire view of America now the farmer were no longer isolated to the remote farms. The horses were disappeared so rapidly and that was the start of urbanization America.He used Moving Assembly Line concept in his Model T plant so he can produce more cars.

6Moving Assembly LineAn assembly line is a manufacturing process in which parts are added to a product in a sequential manner to create a finished product much faster than with handcrafting-type methods

In the early 1900s, Ford Motor Company adopted the assembly line to mass produce the Model T.

Henry Ford was the to master the assembly line.

Bhagyalata Phatak7Background The assembly line revolutionized the way we make cars.

Ford couldnt meet the demand for the Model T. Fords Model T was sold for $850.00 each. He decided to build a moving industrial line.

Bhagyalata PhatakAt that time making a car required lot of time and the demand of the car was increasing. Hence to matching up with the demand Henry started Moving Assembly Line so can produce cars at faster rate.And also the cost of the car is much higher i.e. $850 each with the help of Moving Assembly line the cost of the car decreases to $250 so even an ordinary man now can own a car.8The Leader

Henry Ford valued his workers a lot and he showed that by giving an extremely high pay for all his works in the assembly lines. As a result, he drew talent from all over the region to work in Ford Motor Company. Whatever you do as a leader, if you can show that you value eachand every person on your team, you will attract talent from all over the place. More than just their salaries, people want to work in an environment where they feel that they are valued and an essential part of the organization. Strive to give your team this sense of value, whether by means of salary or by recognition. You can be sure that in the long run, youll be drawing strong people into your organization.

Bhagyalata Phatak9

Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of successHenrys Quotes

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year.Bhagyalata Phatak10As we all know Henry Ford is Millionaire. He used to come to office in very simple clothes(Average). All of his employees were surprised to see that their employer who has lots and lots of money is coming to office dressed so simple. One day his secretary asked him. Sir, You have enough money to buy all the clothes in this world yet you are so simple dressed. Henry Ford gave a smile and replied, Dear, Everyone knows here I am Henry Ford. Why should I be worried about showing people that I am Henry Ford by wearing lavish clothes. Secretary got her answer.After a few months Henry Ford was about to go on a world tour. He went to different place but the dressing was still the same. Then one day again the secretary asked him the same question, Sir, I dont think many people know you here, so you should change your dressing sense.. Henry Ford again gave a smile and replied, Why should I be bothered about dressing for people who doesnt even know that I am Henry Ford. Secretary got her answer again.Inspirational StoryBhagyalata PhatakThank You!

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