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Herbicides and Pesticides. By Jena, Akanksha and Haniya. Facts. Around 90% of all households in the U.S. use pesticides . In the United States approximately 23,000 people visit the emergency room from pesticide poisoning . More than 2.1billion kg of poisonous - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Herbicides and Pesticides

Herbicides and PesticidesBy Jena, Akanksha and Haniya


FactsAround 90% of all households in the U.S. use pesticides.

In the United States approximately 23,000 people visit the emergency room from pesticide poisoning.

More than 2.1billion kg of poisonous pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on our food crops every year globally.

2What are Herbicides and pesticides?Pesticides:Chemicals used to stop pests such as insects, mollusks, birds from eating/destroying crops.

Herbicides:Chemicals to prevent weeds or fungi from growing.3Whats the Problem?Too many Pesticides and Herbicides being over used and this is Effecting peoples and animals health.

Pollution Water- underground water flow

Health Affects:Reproductive health ImpactCancer4

HerbicidesPesticides5Why is it a problem?Studies show that children who live in homes that use pesticides have 6.5 times larger risk of getting leukemia than children living in a normal, untreated environment.

The JTNCI(journal of the national cancer institute) have discovered that dogs who's owner use weed killers are dying due to cancer twice more than the normal rates.

Herbicides and pesticides are found in municipal water suppliesEffects humans and fish

6Exposure to H + P is harmful for pregnant woman Can kill human cells -embryonic cells, umbilical cord cells and placental cells.Can cause miscarriage, abnormal fetal development and low birth rates.

It has become a very rich industry, but is it worth the risk?

7What is causing the problemThis is being over used due to several reasons that kind of leads to another.The main point is that the companies make more profit since there is high demand for the products and the customers are able to get it because farmers are able to produce the products quicker since they dont have to get rid of the organism's manually. They have also found beneficial reasons for it to be used.8For example:(primary)1.Controlling pests and plant disease vectors

-Improves the amount of crops/livestock's produced.-Improves the quality of crops and livestock.-Invasive pests are controlled.2.Controlling human/livestock disease vectors and nuisance organisms

-Human lives are saved and suffer less. 3. Prevent of control organisms that harm other human activities and structures

-Drivers view unobstructed.-Tree/brush/leaf hazards prevented.-Wooden structures protected.9Secondary 1.Community benefits-Farm and agribusiness revenues-Nutrition and health improved-Food safety and security2. National benefits-Employment increased-Increased export revenues-National agriculture economy10Solutions The best solution to stay healthy is to not eat imported farm grown food that is not organic.Try to eat local produce more than any imported foods Dont drink water from the big bottles that are meant for coolers 11How can we as a class educate the local community?As a class we can educate our community to beware of food with pesticides and Herbicides byTelling friends and family about how most imported foods have pesticides and Herbicides Telling friends and family about why we shouldnt drink from the big cooler bottles.And by reminding people of the possible consequences of doing these things before they do them.12Class activity !DebateTopic: Pesticides and Herbicides are bad!You are going to be split into a group of 2.One group is going to explain the benefits of pesticide use and another to explain the drawbacks . You have 3 minutes to discuss within your groups about what you have learnt.When the debate starts you then only have 1 MINUTE to prove your point.13References http://www.motherearthnews.com/natural-home-living/healthy-pregnancy-pesticides-herbicides-bpa-zb0z1205zglo.aspxhttp://www.danmedbul.dk/DMB_2007/0107/0107-artikler/DMB3886.htmhttp://ezinearticles.com/?Chlorine,-Fluoride,-Herbicides,-Pesticides---Are-These-the-Chemicals-in-the-Tap-Water-That-You-Drink&id=1528929http://www.susunweed.com/A_Campaign_for_Organic_Lawns2.htmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McfARs9PnbM&feature=bf_next&list=PLD9FBF6D26CC5B970http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBm-I3Tvi04&feature=relatedhttp://www.bukisa.com/articles/16796_pesticides-and-herbicides-benefits-and-riskshttp://www.ehow.com/about_6083177_herbicide-pollution.html14Thank you15

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