here a mooc, there a your school a mooc...mooc?

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A faculty development presentation on the *basics* of MOOCs. Links to further resources provided as we went into much more discussion than the slides show. This was an active learning session, with much discussion & activity, so please don't assume the slides = 1 hr of narrated .ppt! Contact me if you would like a copy of the lesson plan.


  • 1. Dr. Janet Corral Dr. Candace Berardinelli University of Colorado Here a MOOC ..there a MOOC ..there a MOOC ..everywhere a MOOC MOOC? Photo Credit:

2. Overview WhyMOOCs,andwhynow?Trendsin HigherEduca:on TypesofMOOCs Implica:onsforTeaching,Learning& Promo:on Challenges&Opportuni:es Q&A 3. TrendsinHigherEduca:on: Comple'on Taken from: 4. TrendsinHigherEduca:on: Demographics Image credit: Caucasian students represent 3 out 4 BA/BS graduates Average age of 18.7 at the time of college entry Mean graduation time: within five years Black, Latino students more likely to be older, lower graduation rates Most graduates from upper or middle class 58% grads are women 5. TrendsinHigher Educa:on: Costs 6. Slide credit: Siemens, G. 7. TrendsinHigherEduca:on:Value Image credit: 8. TrendsinHigherEduca:on: LeveragingTechnology Flipped Classroom MobileLearning Cloud Servers Facilitated Grading OpenResources (Some) unresolved issues: Bandwidth Technological Pedagogical Content Knoweldge Digital Divide 9. TrendsinHigherEduca:on ReportYear Horizon1yearor less Horizon2to3 years Horizon4to5 years 2013 MOOCs,Tablet Compu:ng Games& Gamica:on, LearningAnaly:cs 3-DPrin:ng, Wearable Technologies 2012 MobileApps,Tablet Compu:ng Game-based Learning,Learning Analy:cs Gesture-based Compu:ng,Internet ofThings(IOT) 2011 E-Books,Mobile Augmentedreality, Game-based Learning Gesture-based Compu:ng, LearningAnaly:cs 2010 Mobile,Open Content E-Books,Simple AugmentedReality Gesture-based Compu:ng,Visual DataAnalysis 2009 Mobile,Cloud Compu:ng Geo-everything, PersonalWeb Seman:c-aware Applica:ons,Smart Objects Credit: NMC Horizon Report 2013 10. ..there a MOOC What is a MOOC? Photo Credit: 11. MOOCs: A Brief History 12. FlavorsofMOOCs Credit:,, 13. CHE Survey 2013 79 % respondents said MOOCs are worth all the hype Survey: 14. CHE Survey 2013 15. Respondentsbeliefsonfullyonlinecourses: CHE Survey 2013 56% very enthusiastic 35% somewhat enthusiastic 8% somewhat or very skeptical 16. ..there a MOOC What is the value & impact of MOOCs? Photo Credit: 17. (Suggested)ValueofMOOCs Eciencyofscale Opensdoorsoftheclassroom Communityoflearners Democra:zingeduca:on Experimentbeforeenrolling Convenienceandaordability 18. Implica:onsforLearning Whattypeofexperiencewillstudentshave? Credit: Credit: cMOOC: learn from you, each other web/open resources then build resources/artifacts reviewed by community, world xMOOC: learn from your videos contact with TA set assignments, peer graded 19. Implica:onsforDesign Source: http:// onlinelearninginsights.wordpre two-moocs-coursera-divided- by-pedagogy/ Design Ma_ers! 20. SoyouthinkyouwanttoteachviaaMOOC TimeneededtocreateaMOOC Plaaormmayrestrictpedagogicalchoices,evalua:on Interac:onwithstudentsatscale,notindividually Administra:veSupport TA,:me,funds Advisorycommi_ee&ins:tu:onalworkow 8-10 hrs/wk 12-25 hrs/wk3-6 hrs/wk 1 hr for every 15 mins of video! See sample reference of teaching tips in MOOCs: 21. Rightforyourcareer? Stardom Reputation Connection with students Passion for subject 22. Right for your career? MOOC would be a demonstration of curricular innovation and leadership. "meritorious" vs. "excellent" would depend on quality, creativity, impact. So when putting the MOOC in your portfolio Give a detailed description of the online course --- the need it lled, objectives, types of teaching tools, evidence of dissemination (enrollment, etc) and impact (learning outcomes). 23. ..there a MOOC What do you see as the advantages & disadvantages of MOOCs? Photo Credit: 24. Cri:cisms&Challenges Credit: 25. Cri:cismsandChallenges Two-:erededuca:on: Privilegedstudentsatwell-fundedins:tu:onget ownprofessor Financiallystressedins:tu:onwherestudentswatch videos&interactwithlocalprofessorwhoismore likeaTA Credit: Cri:cisms&Challenges 26. MOOCsmaybelightversionofcourse 6-7weeks Educa:onasandemocra:zingforce? Cri:cismsandChallenges Reference: and Cri:cisms&Challenges See thoughts from: 1. right-and-whats-wrong-about-coursera-style- moocs/ 2. mooc-delusion-why-visions-to-educate-the- world-are-absurd/32599 3. Coursera/136307/ 27. Cri:cismsandChallenges Credit: Cri:cisms&Challenges xMOOCs Limitedassessments Limitedinterac:onwithinstructor Grouplearning Informa:onvsComprehension,Applica:on 28. EvaluaBonofMOOCs (sa$sfac$onsurveys,comple$onrates) UniversityofEdinburghreview(6Courseracourses): 98% felt got what I wanted out of the course Length, pacing & level was right Most students spent 2-4 hrs/wk studying See other evaluation ideas at: and and 29. EvaluaBonofMOOCs (anecdotaldatafromUCSF) Impacts faculty members teaching & course design Usevideosintheirface-to-faceclasses Be_eralignmentofcourse,learningobjec:ves Diversityofdiscussions,studentself-policing 30. Reflection Thechallenges,changes,andnewcourse modelsportendonepoten:alfutureof higheredthatsmorecollabora:ve,social, virtual,andpeer-to-peerandwhere introductorycoursesarecommodi:es oeredfreeorclosetofree. Selingo,2012 31. WillyouturnyourcourseintoaMOOC? 32. Thankyou!