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The beginning of some ideas


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  • Super Day & Super Night Alex lived in Falkon City and she was a very normal girl and most of all she was one of those girls you didnt happen to notice so much, she didnt even dress up so much.... So she got used to spend a lot of time on her own and during those lonely moments she found out her powers: once she got so mad at one of her neighbors then she started to see sparkles shining around her hands! She was so surprised and then worried and when she shook her hands trying to get free of those sparkles she released such a great power that she destroyed her hated neighbors door! That was such a great surprise!! She took off and her enemy never knew how his door got broken, she was never suspected because no one could have ever think she was so much powerful...She decided to train her power and soon she felt that trivial vocation for catching criminals and villains who were messing up her city, maybe she kind of saw in them all the ones who couldnt accept her here and there....Her powers used to be yellow at day and light blue at night, she also noticed her hair changed from blonde in the sunlight into black in the moonlight; she prepared two suites, a light one and a dark one. Soon pe-ople started to love and to double name her: Super Light and Super Night. She was sure people didnt even know she was just one.... Anyway she was sure the two of her could almost meet at sunset and at sunrise....

  • Super DayAlex discovered shes got the powers when her anger became material and sparkles came out her hands. That day it was sunny and it was like the sun let her use a little bit of its power. Sparkles came out her hands surrounding them, she got surprised and amazed. It was so like shes been waiting for that magic all her life. Shes got the power! She felt it was coming out when she knew something was not fair. Her power was there to set things right...and she felt generous and thought to help people by starting to stop villains.She lived in Falkon City where things were getting more and more messy la-tely, she knew her shining power could be a chance to find her way among all the streets in that city ....

    Super NightAlex really liked her lonely night walks, she liked the silent and empty streets of Falkon City. It was all so nice and no one around to bother her. Not that she had so many friends, just a few acquaintances. She thou-ght she knew better the stars than any hu-man... It was too late at night that night and there were some villains who were silently chasing her...she was afraid and scared and started to run...the moment she knew it was not fair and she was too weak to fight them she felt that power coming out her hands! The moon was shining and she was kind of sending her its light, silver sparkles materialized her power! She knocked them all down ...she knew someone else could have been in trouble at night and so she de-cided to join the darkness to make things a little more fair all around Falkon City.

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  • Toxica & Aspis (1)Amanda was one of those girls who really liked to break the rules, the bad ones and the good ones, she couldnt just stand to be one of those people who simply accepted what someone else had decided....Falkon City, was getting obsessed with environment and pollution was almost over, hard to believe but that was true. People really enjoyed doing their best to save their city and so the planet. Well, that was way too cheesy for her. She left the city and started to live alone with a little snake she found out there. She must have been kind of magic because the more she was talking to her pet the more it seemed to turn into a humanoid ....he became a snaked human, he could almost speak. Soon after that she also felt some kind of power coming from her hands and she could see it coming to a form, bad sparkles and dark lights, she knew it was power and she learned fast how to turn it into a weapon. She also trained her pet and she named him Aspis, she decided they would have been polluting not in the name of hate of the planet but in the joy of seeing those citizens disap-pointed and crying ....She prepared a toxic solution and they went downtown at midnight, they dumped that poison in the sewer....everything went nicely, the pollution was so perfect that the citizen couldnt use their home plumbing for a week...Soon after that Su-per Day and Super Night planned to throw a spanner

    in those new villains work....Toxika & Aspis (2)In Falkon City everything was perfect and everything had a rule and everyone seemed to like it that way, everyone but Amanda. She couldnt get the need of all those rules and so she really had to break them. This need of made her a misfit and she moved in the outskirts where some real loneli-ness was better than the one among the others. She instead found a new friend, a little and poisonous viper, she named it Aspis and she got used to talk to it all day long. Day by day Aspis changed and eventually Amanda saw it had turned into an hu-manoid, she couldnt get why it had happened or why she felt so magic but all of a sudden glitters, twinkles and sparkles surrounded herself and she straightaway knew it was power that could be re-leasedShe knew how to take her revenge, with a little help of her friend, her power and her mind.Soon she prepared a barrel of a toxic something and the both of them walked the silent streets of Falkon City at night, it was all set to pollute the sewer ..

  • Toxika & Aspis ()That night Falkon City was so silent and still and perfect to dump some poison downtown .Toxika never thought of herself as a villain but she enjoyed being so. She had always tried to bear peo-ple but she couldnt stand their passiveness. Toxika was commonly known as Amanda, she was a rebel girl who couldnt stand any rule. Thats why she had been banned from every group and found herself alone in the silly crowd of Falkon City. She moved in the outskirts and befriended a little snake. She na-med it Aspis, it was a venomous viper species. It didnt bite her and the more she talked to it the more it started to look like a humanoid. Soon the two of them became friends and one day she found it was re-ally humanoid, no more snake and it could almost speakSoon she also noticed a kind of magic power was growing in her, around her and in the airthis magic became real when some sparkles, flickers and flashes glimmering and shining around her hands lighted her mind: she found out shes got the power!She decided it was time to take her revenge and start mocking those former fellow citizens of her! She knew they had been loving environmental stuff lately so she prepared a barrel full of a toxic something to dump in the sewer.It was all ready