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  • Hertfordshire

    Y5 Mathematics ChallengeFinalSummer 2008

  • The FormatRound 1: Team Round with 6 questions + bonusRound 2: The memory round + bonus


    Round 3: The estimation round with 5 questions + bonusRound 4: Team round 4 with 6 questions + bonus

  • Team RoundsTeam rounds will consist of questions plus a bonus questionOne mark will be gained for each correctly answered question (unless stated)No marks will be lost for an incorrectly answered questionTeams may work together on all questions except the bonus question. There is just one bonus question where you will be allowed to discuss.

  • Round 1

  • Team Round 1Question 1

    Add together the first four prime numbers

  • Team Round 1Question 2

    Medals for this competition cost 4.98 each. The top three teams are awarded these medals. How much did it cost to buy them?

  • Team Round 1

    True or false?all multiples of 9 have digits that add up to 9263 is a multiple of 3all two digit numbers with 1 in the units column are prime numbersall square numbers have an odd number of factorsQuestion 3

  • A bookworm eats his way from page 1 of volume 1 to the last page of volume 4.How far has he travelled?Question 4Clue: Read the question again and think carefully.

  • Team Round 1Which is the largest? 0.332%Question 5

  • Team Round 1Question 6The Dino Race

    Six dinosaurs had a race. Two dinosaurs tied for second. Brachiosaurus was one of them. Little D was two places ahead of Ankylosaurus. Ankylosaurus beat Tyro! Diplodo was sleepy and came last. Stego was beaten by only one other dinosaur. Who won the race?

  • Bonus QuestionsBonus questions happen at the end of every team round.Teams may not confer on most bonus questionsContestants must put up their hand if they have the answer to a bonus question. The first hand up has the first attempt at the question.If the contestant is correct they score 1 point for their team. If they are incorrect then no other member of their team may answer the question, which is then offered to the other teams.

  • Bonus QuestionCalculate:

    15% of 240 =

  • Round 2 - Memory

  • Memory PuzzleWe have hidden a picture of a mathematical puzzle. Two people from each team will take turns to view them. They must remember as much as possible so that they can describe it to other team members, who will try to make their own copy. Only two from each team will be allowed to draw the puzzle. The two people who come out to look at the puzzles will not be allowed to draw anything.

    Please decide who is drawing and who is observing and describing.

    (Up to 10 marks available for the puzzle)

  • Memory Puzzle There will be 3 opportunities to view the picture:

    Remember! Observers are not allowed to draw anything when explaining!(Up to 10 marks available for the puzzle)

  • Memory Puzzle (Up to 10 marks available for the puzzle)You will be given between 20 seconds each time to look at the picture and remember as much as you can.

    When you return to your table you will have 2 minutes to tell your team-mates what to draw.

    Use the paper and pencils to make as many notes and drawings as you wish. At the end of this round we will take in ONE piece of paper from each team which should have the whole picture on it.

    You will be given marks for the things you remember and..

  • Memory Team Bonus Question All members of the team can discuss and answer this question

    You now have 2 minutes to solve the puzzle and fill in as many of the remaining gaps as possible.

    There are 6 bonus points to earn

  • Break

  • Round 3

  • The Estimation RoundThere will be five estimation questions.

    Three marks will be awarded for an answer that is exactly right.

    One or two marks will be given for estimates that are close to the correct answer.

  • Estimation RoundQuestion 1

    You are going to sit in silence for a number of seconds. Estimate how long this period is from the word start to the word finish.

  • Estimation RoundQuestion 2

    You have a toy car.Estimate how far the car will travel if its wheels turn 10 full revolutions.Answer in centimetres.

  • Estimation Round

    Question 3

    Estimate the perimeter of the triangle of card you are being shown.Give your answer in centimetres.

  • Estimation RoundYou will have 10 seconds to identify how many beads there are in the next picture?Question 4

  • Estimation Round5 friends go shopping. There is a picture of one of the girls on the next slide. If all the friends carried the same number of bags, how many bags would there be in total?Question 5

    5 seconds to view

  • Bonus QuestionNo discussion allowed

  • Bonus Question 24536 x 11 = (2 marks)

  • Team Round 4

  • Team Round 4This mystery number has 6 digits. If you add one to this number it will be a 7 digit number. What is the mystery number?

    Write the answer in words.Question 1

  • Team Round 4You have been given a copy of this Carroll diagram. Copy these shapes into the appropriate spaces.Question 2

  • Team Round 4I started using a new tube of toothpaste on the morning of January 4th 2008My toothpaste lasted 64 whole days. What date did I need to open the new tube of toothpaste?Question 3

  • Team Round 4Fill in the gaps:

    of = of = of = Question 4465893961

  • Team Round 4Draw an oblong with an area of 12cm that will give the smallest perimeter?Question 5

  • Team Round 4Question 6+Here are 9 number cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Use them to fill in this addition calculation.

    67You have been given a clue.

  • Team Round 4Bonus Question (2 marks)

    What is 30% of 2.5 kg?

    Give your answer in grams.

  • Well Done!

    Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in the Hertfordshire Year 5 Mathematics Final2008.

  • Tie breakerWhich 4 consecutive numbers added together give the total




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