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    Present Board Tina Barnard Watford Community Housing Trust Mark Bretton (Chair Designate) Accenture Julian Daly St Albans City and District Council John Gourd (Chair) Johnson Matthey Adrian Hawkins Weldability Sif Quintin McKellar University of Hertfordshire Peter OGorman (Deputy Chair) Santander Andrew Percival VINCI Liz Watts East Herts District Council (for Linda Haysey) David Williams Hertfordshire County Council Gill Worgan West Herts College Executive Team Neil Hayes Executive Director Norman Jennings Skills and Employment Manager Sally Stanley Office Manager Morag Saunders Programmes and Performance Manager Adam Wood Programmes Manager Invited Guests Items 4-6 Richard Batham Read Kier Stephen Jobburn Greenhills Martin Jones Watford Borough Council Manny Lewis Watford Borough Council Duncan McDonald Keir Marcus Richardson Greenhills

    1 Apologies Dan Dark Warner Bros Graham Lane Cheeky Munkey John Dean Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Linda Haysey East Herts District Council Martino Picardo Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst 2 Minutes from 19.11.15 and matters arising

    All actions were updated on the action log. Devolution paper was circulated and will be discussed under AOB.

  • 3 Chairmans update

    The recruitment process was successful and John welcomed the new Board members, Mark Bretton and Tina Barnard. Andy Stroomer will join the Board in March to replace Martino Picardo.

    John thanked Martino Picardo for all his contributions and time on the Board.

    4 Skills makers Gill Worgan on behalf of the Skillsmakers Project Conflict of Interest Declared Gill Worgan

    Gill presented the Skillmakers initiative which is centred initially around the M1 Growth Area and looks to provide a link between employers, education and students and address the skills shortage. Long term, the aim is to expand the scheme county-wide.

    Skillmakers will be charging a membership fee payable by companies using the scheme, however in the meantime are seeking an interest free start-up loan of 103,500 from the LEP to be repayable in 2019/20.

    They suggested that the funding request could be added to the existing Growing Places Funding agreement with Watford Borough Council.

    The Board agreed

    To support the Skillmakers Project subject to the project proposals being considered and approved by PMC.


    A Skillmakers report to be taken and presented at PMC on 4 March 2016 for PMCs consideration. Norman to present report. As the value being requested is below 250k PMC will have the authority to approve the request should it be agreed.

    5 & 6 Watford Health Campus, Watford Business Park Manny Lewis, Keir & Greenhills

    Watford Borough Council, Kier and Greenhills provided an update on the Health Campus and Business Park.

    Both schemes are progressing well, however they have identified risks around cashflow, financing and viability.

    Watford Borough Council requested additional funding from Herts LEP and presented various options to the Board: additional LEP funding contributions, extensions to the current funding agreement payback requirements, the recycling of the payback funding from the projects being ringfenced to be used within Watford.

    They confirmed that without the additional funding, the schemes would continue to be delivered. The impact would be on the scope and length of delivery period. They were requesting that any additional funding would be recycled back into the Health Campus or the Business Park with the priority being the Business Park as this had the most challenging funding requirement although the WHC produced the most extensive outputs.

    The Board asked if there was a critical date by which Watford Borough Council required a response to their request. Watford Borough Council requested, if possible, that the LEP inform them of any decision by 31 March 2016.

    The Board agreed

    To discuss the funding request further and respond to Watford Borough Council by 31 March 2016.


    Adam Wood to seek a full understanding of the options presented by Watford Borough Council

  • Adam Wood/ Morag Saunders and Neil Hayes to consider the options presented and requested by Watford Borough Council and advise PMC and the LEP Board of the implications of agreeing to part or all of the options.

    7 Growth Deal 3 Adam Wood Conflict of Interest Declared Quintin McKellar

    The Call for Projects for GD3 was circulated in September 2016. 26 schemes were submitted. These have been externally appraised, prioritised and discussed at Programme Boards.

    17 schemes have been assessed as viable and these will be progressed once the GD3 announcement has been made.

    The Executive Team is looking to change its approach to future funding rounds and prioritise larger, higher impact projects rather than complete further call for projects.

    The Board were concerned that transport projects scored higher than others and that the prioritisation criteria could be biased towards particular projects.

    The Board agreed

    To approve the high, medium and low priority projects as set out in the paper. To the recommendation to reject failed priority projects as set out in the paper.


    Adam Wood to supply further information on individual projects to Board members upon request.

    Adam Wood to include the value of each project and the scoring matrix in future reports. Adam Wood to review the selection and prioritisation process for projects with a report back

    to the June Board meeting.

    Adam Wood to update the Board once the GD3 criteria has been announced.

    8 Programmes and Performance Morag Saunders

    An update was given on the 15/16 Legal Agreements. Concern was raised over the delay in legal agreements and the effect this is having on claiming project funding. David Williams offered to speak to HCC Legal. He was thanked. It was agreed that his support would be sought, should it be required.

    Morag gave an update on the current 15/16 Growth Deal Programme and the under spend. Work is continuing with applicants who have indicated that they would possibly be able to accommodate a higher value of spend by year end to address the current programme under spend. This has included HCC Highways, Airbus, University of Hertfordshire and the Skills and Equipment Fund.

    A request was made for LEP Board members to be sent a copy of the PMC minutes to help provide clarity on the changes and decisions made on the programmes and projects.

    A Stage 2 independent audit of the LEPS Assurance Framework is currently being undertaken. Morag confirmed that the Audit is on how the Assurance Framework process is being followed. A final draft Audit report is expected at the End of February. A report on its recommendations will be taken back to the March PMC and LEP Board.

    The Board Agreed

    To note the work being undertaken with applicants to address the 15/16 Growth Deal underspend.


    Morag and Exec Team to continue working with HCC Legal to resolve current legal agreement issues.

  • Any continuing urgent issues to be flagged to LEP Board electronically. Sally Stanley to circulate future PMC minutes to the main LEP Board members. Morag Saunders to electronically circulate a summary of the 15/16 Programme and reserve

    projects to LEP Board members.

    9 A602 and A120 Adam Wood

    The Board were asked to approve changes to the funding profile for the A602 and A120 as outlined in the paper. Adam confirmed that no additional funding was being requested for either project.

    The paper made reference to the applicant, HCC Major Projects, highlighting a potential future increase in the projects funding profile due to construction inflation costs. A brief discussion about construction inflation costs followed. This included confirmation that should there be any requests for additional funding these would have to be formally made and presented by the applicant.

    The Board agreed

    To the changes in funding for the A120 and A602 from 26.53m to 27.4m. That the LTB funding of 18.5m is allocated to the A602 and that Growth Deal funding of

    27.4m is allocated to the A120. 10 Executive update

    The Board thanked Gemma for the Executive update.

    The Board requested a non confidential version which could be shared with political leaders. Julian requested a link to Herts Growth Hub case studies.


    Gemma to draft a non confidential version of the Executive update for wider circulation and add a link to Herts Growth Hub case studies.

    Executive Update to include a financial summary record of all programmes. 11 AOB

    Herts Growth Hub

    The Board requested that Herts Growth Hub present at the next Board and provide a review of 15/16

    Enterprise Zone

    The LEP Executive is developing a MOU with CLG for the Enterprise Zone and will inform the Board of any changes to the original bid. MOU to be circulated electronically to the Board


    Neil Hayes circulated the paper presented to Public Sector Chief Executive Group to the Board which outlined the economic benefits of Devolution.

    The LEP would be willing to fund an external study into Devolution. They would facilitate rather than lead a working group to push the devolution agenda, however the Local Authority buy in is essential.

    Neil to incorporate current devolution thinking as part of t