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HTUF Military Truck Action Group Update given by Steve Sokolsky on U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) latest work and overlaps with HTUF's efforts including Vehicle Electronic Architecture, Ground Power & Mobility, Vehicle System Robotics, and Energy Storage. To sign up for free HTUF webinars, contact 626-744-5600 or email tbloch-rubin@calstart.org


  • TARDEC/MTAG Update Steven Sokolsky April 15, 2014
  • HTUF Military Truck Action Group HTUF effort to align industry/commercial technology development efforts to militarys tactical wheeled & combat vehicle fleet needs Identifying cross-cutting issues & industry/military collaboration opportunities to quicken military adoption of new comml technologies Operates bi-directionally military OEMs/suppliers + military requirements writers, planners and end-users
  • MTAG Goals Use action group as a mechanism to transfer HTUF process, knowledge base/relationships to insert advanced efficiency tech on military platforms Provide focused attention & action on key cross- cutting issues that support TARDECs long-term strategy Connect industry stakeholders with developers of military requirements (TRADOC) & end-users (PMs & PEOs)
  • TARDECs Vision for the Future 3 Key Themes More Expeditionary will require major weight reductions Autonomy-Enabled assist but not replace the warfighter More Efficient utilize less fuel and water
  • TARDECs 30-Year Strategic Plan Value Streams 1. Shape Requirements of Future Programs of Record 2. Develop New Capabilities for Current Ground Systems 3. Provide Engineering Services and Support Focus is on developing capabilities, not technologies
  • Value Stream 1 Shape Requirements of Future Programs of Record Investments in Leap-Ahead Technologies and Integrated Systems 4 Lines of Effort 1. Autonomy-Enabled Systems 2. Ground System Architecture 3. Protected Mobility (includes lightweighting) 4. Power Density & Energy Efficiency (includes vehicle electrification and a common modular engine) Key Stakeholders: Requirements Community Capability Demonstrations: Combat vehicle prototype (FY21); AMAS; MD/HD tactical truck (FY16-20)
  • Value Stream 2 Develop New Capabilities for Current Ground Systems Improve Current Force Effectiveness 3 Lines of Effort 1. Enhance capabilities on current programs of record 2. Improve Space, Weight, Power & Cooling Parameters in Current Ground Fleet 3. Reduce Lifecycle Costs in ground systems Key Stakeholders: Acquisition Community (PMs) Capability Demonstrations: 1500hp, 2-stroke engine for Abrams & M- 88; Advanced Li-Ion Batteries; Advanced Thermal Mgmt System; Advanced Combat Transmission
  • Value Stream 3 Provide Engineering Services and Support Develop, Integrate & Sustain the Right Solutions 3 Lines of Effort 1. Invest in people, facilities & service capabilities 2. Better communication & Field Support 3. Secondary Items Procurement (i.e., 3D CAD modeling) Key Stakeholders: Ground Vehicle Community Unique Capability: Full lifecycle technical support
  • HTUF is Supporting the TARDEC 30-Year Strategy Direct correlation between HTUF efforts and Value Streams 1 (Shape Requirements of Future Programs of Record) and 2 (Develop New Capabilities for Current Ground Systems) HTUF also well positioned & capable to support Value Stream 3 Particular synergy with individual Lines of Effort in Strategy: Ground system architecture Power density & energy efficiency (vehicle electrification) Develop solutions for current capability gaps & needs Reduce lifecycle costs All HTUF/MTAG activities are aligned with Long- Term Strategy elements
  • MTAG Focus Areas/Opportunities for Collaboration with TARDEC Vehicle Electronic Architecture: developing common architecture for Stryker, Bradley, Future Fighting Vehicle; will disseminate high-voltage system design documents to industry for review & comment June 2014 Ground Power & Mobility: seeking industry supply chain for combat fleet electrification & V2G services including common inverters, pumps & fans; acquisition opps for integrated start- generator components
  • MTAG Focus Areas/Opportunities for Collaboration with TARDEC (cont.) Vehicle System Robotics: seeking industry demonstration partners for automated MHE; fleets for AMAS mixed-vehicle demo; partners for automated bulldozer demo w/ Forest Service Energy Storage: seeking industry fleet partners & potential funding for Phase 2 of 6T battery demonstration
  • 3 companies (Navitas, Saft & Eagle Picher) provided 12V & 24V lithium-ion batteries in 6T form factor for testing in support of TARDEC Power and Mobility Energy Storage team Batteries installed in commercial HD trucks for warm & cold weather testing used as starter batteries Goal: validate batteries for commercial users, build large parallel market to reduce costs for military Phase 2: test other similar commercial capabilities such as idle reduction & worksite power 6T Battery Demonstration
  • HTUF Monthly Webinar Next month: 6T and Battery Jumpstart Projects Tuesday May 20th 11am Pacific
  • 2014 HTUF Annual Meeting Argonne National Lab, Sep 23-24, 2014 Mark Your Calendars! 2-Day Event with WGs and Ride & Drive www.htuf2014.org
  • Clean Transportation Technologies and Solutions SM www.calstart.org For info contact: Steven Sokolsky (510) 307-8772 ssokolsky@calstart.org

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