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Bed Sheets - Bed Linens UK Fitted bed sheets & Flat bed sheets

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Bed Sheets - Bed Linens UKFitted bed sheets & Flat bed sheets

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A word bed sheet wasfirst time used in the 15century. Bed sheet is arectangular piece of cloththat is used to cover themattress and thosesleeping upon it. In thepast traditionally bedsheets are mostly in whitebut now these days theseare available in every typeof color and stuff.

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There are two types ofbed sheets which aremostly used in homes.

1: Fitted bed sheets

2: Flat bed sheets

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Fitted bed sheets usually havetwo or four corners and thepurpose of these sheets tokeep it from slipping themattress while the bed is inuse. These sheets are mostlyused in white color but now asthe trend change more quickly,it’s also available in differentcolors. These sheets covermattress so tightly and usuallyfix the flat sheets.

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Flat bed sheets have no curve and simply a flat piece of cloth.

The world’s best bed covers material ismostly different types. And usuallythese are in cotton, Lillian, polyesterand fiber but now these are also ofvelvet type in market. There is anothertype of bed covers that are hand made.In every region of Pak-o-Hind, theseare embroided embossed and painted.In embroidery of bed covers, differentvariety of threads are used, that arealso of different kinds e-g cotton,staple and polyster. By the use of thesethreads, unique patterns and designsare made on it. In this way it representsthe culture of the region.