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  • Holga

    Lomography: motto of "don't think, just shoot" deemphasizing formal




    Typical lomography cameras are deliberately inexpensively constructed


  • The Diana

    The Diana first appeared during the early 1960s as a inexpensive box camera sold by the Hong Kong

    Most were exported to the US and UK. During the 1960s, whole case - 144 cameras sold for

    about 50 cents U.S. per unit Most Diana cameras were given away or sold for

    nominal sums as novelties or prizes at fairs, carnivals, product promotions, raffles, or other events.

  • The Holga

    The Holga camera was designed in 1981 First appeared outside China in 1982 with its appearance in

    Hong Kong At the time, 120 rollfilm in black-and-white was the most

    widely available film in mainland China. The Holga was intended to provide an inexpensive mass-

    market camera for working-class Chinese in order to record family portraits and events

  • Holga Project What is a holga camera?

    Lomo Photography in the media..

  • PATTERN TEXTURE LINE Noteworthy images

  • Sean Jaeger

  • Sean Jaeger

  • Christina Burnett

  • Conner Morris

  • Courtney Madara

  • Crystal Foster

  • Nick Vespe

  • Nick Vespe

  • Olivia Foltiny

  • Tim Nooney

  • Tyler Trumbetti

  • Tyler Trumbetti

  • Tyler Trumbetti

  • Pattern, Texture line images

  • Holga inspired composite image TILE #1

  • Pattern, Texture line images

  • Holga inspired composite image TILE #2

  • Tiles 2 of 4

  • Complete design Student Samples

  • Billy Cox

  • Christina Burnette

  • Crystal Foster

  • Cullan Holloway

  • Ken Kelemen

  • Olivia Foltiny

  • Billy Cox