himalayan environment and culture: the himalayan “dilemma”

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Himalayan environment and culture: the Himalayan “dilemma”. Geog 3251 Mountain Geography summer 2007 term A. Himalaya = dynamic region. Geologically Culturally Politically. Geology. Nepal’s Maoist movement. A war for ice. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Himalayan environment and culture: the Himalayan dilemmaGeog 3251 Mountain Geographysummer 2007 term A

  • Himalaya = dynamic regionGeologicallyCulturallyPolitically

  • Geology

  • Nepals Maoist movement

  • A war for ice

  • The northwestern part of the region evolved under Muslim influenceThe southern flanks of the centre and east under Hindu influence, The northern fringe under Buddhist influence.

  • Nepals ethnic diversity

  • Himalayan region extremely dynamic Geophysically: tectonic activityClimatically: monsoonPolitically:Chinese-Nepalese border conflictIndia-Nepal border conflictNepals maoist warCulturally: ethnic diversity

  • Two types of terracesKhet (irrigated terraces) - at lower altitudesslope inward rice & wheat crops

    Bari (rainfed terraces) - at higher altitudes slope outwards maize and buckwheat

  • Bari