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  1. 1. Blog: www.seotonic.com Hiring an Indian SEO Company If you own a website for your business, then hiring an Indian SEO company to get help your business succeed would be your very smart decision. Search engine optimization is the most proven and effective online marketing strategies as used by businesses today. The idea of obtaining quality traffic on your website through search engines is a method that can be very successful if you hire the right SEO Company to help you. An experienced SEO company will provide recommendation and website audit for you to see what is missing in your business website. They will analyze your complete website and tell you all the factors that need to be improved. The SEO services that are offered by an SEO company also include Off-Page or Link Building task, which incorporate directory submissions, article and press release submission, blog posting, video submission, image submission, monitoring results, position reports, and maintenance of ranks. After Off-Page tasks are completed, the SEO Companycompiles the results to see just how much of an effect the submissions had in your website. According to the current and the previous ranking of thekeywords, analysis are performed to review to check the improvement in the keyword ranking. By monitoring and analyzing these kinds of results, further task is planned to achieve the desired target.