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  • Historical Societies & Museums: Free Ways to Reuse &

    Repurpose Newspaper Content from Chronicling America!

    Social Media Ideas:

    Facebook: 100 (150, any year) Years Ago Today (in our town), holiday

    posts, local building, culture, or people spotlights. Or just post intriguing

    articles from the local news of the time! Have an article-finding contest.

    Blog: Supplement posts on local history, people, historic buildings, or

    upcoming events with newspaper content. (WordPress, Blogger)

    Flickr.com: Upload themed photo albums with news clippings (could be

    local ads, headlines, mastheads, historic buildings, etc.).

    Pinterest.com: Share images on this popular clipboard site.

    SlideShare.net: Post presentations or handouts on this free website to

    reach new audiences! Great way to include media in your website.

    Website: Include news articles or mastheads in website design, include a

    link to Chronicling America (or VTDNP) in your resource section.

    Offline Ideas:

    Host a genealogy workshop with

    your local papers!

    Incorporate headlines and images

    into exhibits or displays.

    Use local newspapers to

    supplement site visits, activity or

    lesson plans for students.

    Partner with the local paper to

    have a 100 Years Ago Local News


    More examples on the back!

    VTDNP Facebook Post:

    Want more ideas or need help getting started? Contact

    us through our website at library.uvm.edu/vtnp/

  • Include images on a walking tour!

    Supplement blog posts!

    Post Flickr albums!

    Use images in exhibits.

    Incorporate a link

    to your local

    newspapers on

    your website!

    Make Pinterest boards.

    Use in a

    guessing game!