historically doomed to conflict: israel and palestine

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Historically Doomed to Conflict: Israel and Palestine Paola May Hortaleza Brianna Truebe Erika Aguillon

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Brianna Truebe Erika Aguillon Paola May Hortaleza


Historically Doomed to Conflict: Israel and PalestinePaola May HortalezaBrianna TruebeErika AguillonIn the beginning...Abraham is the father of both Isaac and IshmaelIsaac, and Jacob are both the spiritual and physical ancestors of Judaism. Isaac was a commanded sacrifice from G-d as a burnt offering from Abraham. At the last moment G-d sent an angel to stop the sacrifice. Judaism uses this story as evidence that their G-d does not like sacrifices.Ishmael was Abrahams first son, born of Hagar, his wifes egyptian servant. When Ishmael grew up, Abraham sent him and Hagar away. Ishmael is the ancestor of the Arabs, while Isaac is the ancestor of the Jews.And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation (The Holy Bible, NIV).

History of the Israel and Palestine conflictIt all began after WWII when the Jews wanted to have their own country. They were given a large part of Palestine that soon became their homeland. The arabs who already lived there felt this was unfair and did not accept them. In 1948 they had their first war. At the end Gaza was controlled by Egypt and contained thousands of palestinians. In 1967 the second war arise, Israel occupied palestinian areas and their troops stayed there for years. Israel's wanted to exchange the land they won for arabs recognition that Israel's existence and end the war. This war is yet to end.

Demographic ChangesNovember 29, 1947- The UN proposes the Partition Plan for PalestineMay 14, 1948- Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, and the British Mandate over Palestine. May 15, 1948- Arab-Israeli War immediately broke out with the invasion of Arab forces into the territory after the British mandate was terminatedMarch 10, 1949-After months of fighting, the jews were gaining land and arab forces were fleeing and being driven out. Significant demographic changes occurred over the near 10 months of fighting.

Israeli PerspectiveMoses leads the Hebrews out of Egypt in search of their promised land-todays Israel.This land has always been part of this peoples history.So much atrocity has happened to this group of people including, but not limited to: The destruction of the first temple and the Babylonian Exile (586 BCE), The destruction of the Second Temple and the Roman Empire (70 CE), Expulsion from France (561), Massacre and forced Conversion in the 1st European Crusades (1096), Jews Burned alive in Jerusalem (1099), More massacres in the 2nd Crusade (1146), 12,000 Jews Executed in Toledo (1354), Pogrom (organized massacre of a particular ethnic group)in Russia (1880s), The Holocaust in Europe (1938-1945)The Jewish people were always Outsiders to wherever they went. They were exiled from their promised land and dispersed. They are always moving. Wherever they go, they were always blamed for something, falsely accused, persecuted, and murdered.Because of this, some people thought that the only way for jewish people to live is if they have their own independent State. The Rise of Jewish Nationalism (Zionism)The movement, Zionism, sought to re-establish Jewish dominion in Israel/Palestine.It started with the Pogrom in Russia and discrimination in France (1880s)Theodr Herzl organized the First Zionist World Conference. After his death, Chaim Weizmann inherited the role of leader.After WWII, the need for Israelites to have their own independent Nation was never more apparent for the World Zionist OrganizationThe resolution to partition Palestine into an Arab state, a Jewish state, and the City of Jerusalem was put up to vote in the United Nations General Assembly on November 29, 1947.The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, the executive head of the World Zionist Organization at the time.

First Zionist World Conference, 1897,SwitzerlandIsraeli Perspective on Israel/Palestine

Centuries of atrocities done to their people (especially the Holocaust) has made the Israeli leaders want to keep fighting the Palestinians so their people has a land that will be free from future potential atrocities.Today, the Israeli stance against Palestinians is mainly backed by:The stabbing attacksMemories of suicide bombings Denying palestinians basic human rights is against their religious motto: tikkun olam (repair the world)

Palestinian Perspective I even refused to learn Hebrew, the "language of the enemy."

Palestinians believe they are refugees, having their land stolen from them by Israel. They see Israelis as occupiers. The anger and mistrust continues to grow, and is passed down generationally.Today, Palestinian unrest is mainly fueled by these key events: The Al-Aqsa Mosque clashes - A disgruntled 65-year old palestinian man said, about Israelis, got our land and now they want to get our holy places, It is the third holiest site for the Muslims, and the most holy site for Jews. There is fighting over the space and how to share it.The growing settlements - Palestinians are frustrated by Jewish outposts and inhabitants of occupied territory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The area makes up 2,200 sq feet with a population on 220,000 jews, "The occupation sleeps on our chests, on our stomachs", said a palestinian man. They believe that Israel confiscated the Palestinian land, while Israel believes they have liberated it in 1967 after a 6 day war.Since 1993, the foundation for a two-state solution was laid with the Olso Accord. Many palestinians are frustrated by its lack of progress.

This Conflict Today...Decades after the war started Palestine and Israel are still fighting. Claiming many deaths each day. Many people have given up on the idea that Israel and Palestine will one day come to peace. In the CNN article, Israeli Palestinian Conflict: Two Viewpoints; One Outcome, they comment with, Observers are warning that the current wave of unrest is driving the region to the verge of another bloody and disastrous phase. Palestinians and Israelis are used to being surrounded by violence, this will be old new news to them. According to a BBC article, Guide Why are Israel and the Palestinians fighting over Gaza?, Most recently in July 2014, authorities said over 2,200 people were killed - most of them Palestinians - and many more injured, during 50 days of violence. A ceasefire was agreed between Israel and Hamas on 26 August. In 50 days more than two thousand people have died and this conflict is ongoing.

Can Peace Be Achieved?Maybe....The Koran, and the Bible say nofrom the bible: And I will bring you in unto the land, concerning the which I did swear to give it to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob; and I will give it you for an heritage: I am the LORD (Exodus 6:8 KJV)Some people say yes. While political solutions grow ever more complicated, the roots of violence and hatred can be addressedAfter developing deep friendships and truly understanding that both my Palestinian friends and Israeli friends were coming from dueling narratives, I dedicated my life to helping others see beyond their own stories so we can find common ground."I don't hate Jews, not a single one of them. I will resist occupation only in the ways of love and peace."

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