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Appropriate for Jr. High or High School students, short powerpoint with history of calligraphy and examples from different cultures.


  • 1. Origins in Ancient Egypt (that got pictographs from Ancient Sumer) Hieroglyphics (picture writing) carved into clay tablets, sculptures, and walls. Calligraphy means beautiful writing. This is the Book of the Dead, which was a religious book meant to help guidepeople in passing into the Afterlife. Origins of Calligraphy

2. CHINESE CALLIGRAPHYCalligraphy has traditionally beenconsidered the highest art form.Origins back to 3000 BCE or earlierCalligraphers have different styles andspend years perfecting the techniques.Japanese calligraphy developed fromChinese calligraphy, and continues today.Calligraphers have different styles,ranging from very simply to highly artistic. 3. Knight Shining White, Tang Dynasty,(750 CE)Scroll paintings were unrolled and read. Poems weresometimes included, and viewers wrote comments too.The Quingbian Mountains, Dong QiChang, painter, calligrapher, art scholar of Ming Dynasty (1612 CE) 4. Arabic Calligraphy In many Islamic cultures, calligraphy is the highest art form. It is used as surface decoration for both religious buildings and everyday art. Below is the logo of todays Al Jazeera TV.15th Century quRanic Manuscript 5. Detail of dome ofMosque of Kalon in Uzbekistan 6. Medieval European Manuscripts Few people could read andwrite in Medieval Europe. The church trained monks inLatin reading and writing. Artistic monks carefullycreated copies of the Bible withlavishly illuminated capitals. This page is from theLindsfarne Gospels, from late7th century CE. It was writtenand illustrated by the monkEadfrithe, who later becameBishop of Lindisfarne in 698. 7. Guess the invention. Johanes Gutenberg invented this during the early Renaissance. It made it easier to make Bibles and other books in Europe. ? 8. Contemporary artist Malikanas design from Islamic Art Magazine. He uses digital art and ancient calligraphic styles to create lush images.http://malikanas.deviantart.com/ 9. Calligraphy Today are Lots of fontsavailable for ComputersToday that mimic TraditionalCalligraphy Where else do you commonly seehand or computer calligraphy? How is calligraphy used as arttoday?Magnum Mysterium #3, Inga Dubay Inga Dubay, Calligrapher & Artist

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