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history of photography


  • 1. History of photography.The desire for visual representation

2. AS early as 4thcentury B.C.E. Chinese philosopher Mo Ti discovered lens lessprototype: PINHOLE 3. 1694 portable camera obscura 4. Camera lucida 5. SUBJECTARTIST 6. 1826-1827 Heliograph Joseph NiepceView from Window, first to develop permanent imagesthrough the action of light. 7. Joseph Niepce 8. What was Daugerredoing?Highly polished silvered plates,sensitizing them I dark withheated define crystals andimmediately placing them in thecamera making a 1 HOURexposure in bright sunlight.Published a manual1839 9. What was HenryTalbot doing?Accidentally created lightsensitive paper for makingnegatives 10. 1834 invented thesalted paper print,which allowed himto make camera-lessimages ofbotanicalspecimens. 11. Daguerreotype 12. Carte de Viste 13. 1844calotype {salted paper} 14. MorellJuice Box Camera