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History of photography


  • 1. History ofphotography

2. The whole reason for developing thefirst photograph, was to make iteasier for him to keep pictures,instead of having them painted.This is the first everphotograph, which wasproduced by NicphoreNipce, who died in 1833.It took eight hours todevelop the firstphotograph, by using apaste made up of a silverNicphore Nipce, circa 1795.coin dissolved in nitricacid, then cooking saltwhich formed the paste. 3. Sir John Herschel was the first person to think about and create The cyanotype process The whole reason behind the invention was because Sir. Herschel was an astronomer, and wanted to keep permanent copies of his work. A chemical he used to create the process was hyposulphite of soda.1867 photograph byJulia Margaret Cameron FACT: Photographers were usually asked to take pictures of the deceased. This was known as post mortem photos. 4. William Henry Fox Talbot made thefirst photo negative in 1840.Also , to show world photos hecreated a book called The pencil ofNatureWilliam Henry Fox Talbot. The Pencil of Nature, published in six installments between 1844 and 1846, was the "first photographically illustrated book to be commercially published or "the first commercially published book illustrated with photographs" 5. PicturesFrom..ThePencilOfNature. 6. Frederick Scott Archerdesigned and inventedwet collodion in 1851.He then later went onto project the imagesonto glass, copper andother metals. Heengraved the image ontothese materials, hopingto get a permanentresult. 7. Eadweard JamesMuybridge, born inKingston upon Thames,used 12 photos of agalloping horse, andattached them togetherto create the first evermotion-pictureprojection.He immigrated to theUnited States as a youngman but remainedobscure until 1868, whenhis large photographs ofYosemite Valley,California, made himworld famous. Muybridgeis known for hispioneering work on animal 8. FirstEverMotionPicture 9. 1889-1905.In 1889, the first fixed focus lensand single shutter speed cameracame out. As it was the firstcamera it was bought at a lowprice.In 1905 Oscar Barnsck becamehead of development of the cameracompany Leitz in Wetzlar, Hesse,Germany. He was the driving forcebehind the making of the firstmass-marketed 35mm camera.Barnack suffered from asthma, andsought to reduce the size andweight of cameras and supportingequipment used for outdoorphotography. His 35mm designhelped introduce the concept of 10. 1937-1994First polaroid cameras cameout, which meant peoplecould get an instant picture.1948- First instant camera1991- Hit close to $3billion.1987- Released 7 otherproducts.1991- First professionalcamera came out, f-3camera, 1.3 mega pixel.1994- Apple made the firstmass market digital camera,made 640x480 photos.