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  • 1. Digital Programming @ NYSCI

2. C3: Collect, Construct, Change Collect, Construct, Change is a youthcentered learning program that engages middleschool aged youth as citizen scientists and advocates. 3. C3: Collect, Construct, Change 4. C3 Game Plan Update C3 curriculum and prototype with 20-25 middle school participants at NYSCI.Revisit curriculum for final update before sharing with partners.Calibrate Air Quality monitorDevelop and implement 6hr PD sessionPrepare 2 separate C3 material kits to be available during each week. 5. C3 Challenges Staff restructuring and changes within the organization of partnering sites.Understanding the structure of communication with each of the partnering sites.Identifying key personnel.Adopting C3 program for each site. 6. How we addressed challenges Identified and developed relationships with key personnel.Held several 1-2hr PD sessions at numerous partnering sites.Created a tutorial video for air quality monitors and Aircasting app.Worked with partners to tailor curriculum for their respective needs. 7. Learning Labs/Maker Space 8. Learning Labs/Maker Space 9. Fashion Your Environment High-school youth centered program that engages participants with a connected learning experience focused on broadcasting environmental data through fashion and wearable technology. 10. Climate Urban Systems Partnership