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1. Hive Learning Network NYC BadgesDecember 3, 2012 2. Badge Design TrajectoryOur Process for Developing Badges1. Identify broad goals2. Identify network behaviors3. Identify youth user stories4. Identify what youth can do to earn badges5. Design Challenge activities & constellation 3. Our process for developing badges:Identified goals, behaviors, youth activities, and timelineWhat broad goals What network- What can youth What is the feel What is ourdo badge system wide behaviors do network- for challenges and general timeline?participants do we want to wide to earn activities?have? encourage? badges? For example For exampleFor example For example For example Active production October-Track/model Empathetic November: Earlyconnected learning Attend Hive events Active participation Imaginative stagesexperience Explain & Active development Humility representationMotivation for represent the Hive December: Softcross-network Pattern finder Speaks to Hive Outreach for the launch and moreparticipation Curiosity Hive culture and iterationAttendance & Problem framer network goals Sharing skills and January: Officialparticipation in Experimental experiences launch and moreHive network iterationevents Iterative Collaborative 4. Goals for the Hive NYC Badging System Motivation for cross-network participationin Hive NYC activities Meaningful participation in Hive NYC programs and increased attendance at network events Understand Hive NYC as a network and how to leverage its resources Increase digital media skills and expertise Demonstrate key values and behaviorsas manifested through quests, activities, events 5. Big Design Questions How can youth participation in member programs connect and inform larger network badges? Should badges primarily be motivators or retroactive rewards? How can we incentivize but avoid over-badging? What is the trajectory for badge award? What network behaviors should be encouraged? Should network be overall badge provider? 6. Thinking about badge constructionBadges are one element of a larger series of activities ? !Entry Experience Evaluation Extension EcosystemWhat contributes What defines the How and by What are What value does ato the initial entry processof pursuing whom success is outcomes/next badge have in + outinto a badge? a badge? determined? steps after attaining of a community? a badge? Badge is granted 7. Personas/User StoriesThese stories are examples of pathwaysthat youth might take to earn a HiveNYC badge. They represent youth withvarying levels of participation and entrypoints into the network. 8. Meet Zakiaa.k.a The Superstar 16 years old Active member of MOUSE Has worked with physical computing and is familiar with HTML and Mozillas Hackasaurus tool Interned at Hive NYC Participated in skillshares and Summer Code Parties with Hive NYC members Attended Maker Faire, Emoti- Con, and a Makerbot workshop 9. Meet Jonny 13 years old Uncle took him to Maker Faire Took an interest in their Maker Space Uncle notices his interests and encourages him to pursue them 10. Meet Walid a.k.a. Hive What? 15 years old Attended Summer Code Party through his friend who found out about it from Facebook Interested in video and YouTube Loved learning about Mozillas video remix tools Interested in attending more events or workshops Does not know what Hive NYC is 11. Meet Shannon 17 years old Participated in Hive NYC Youth Council for two years Helped plan Emoti-Con! Is an avid writer, journalist, blogger and has started her own blog Started an Emoti-Con! blog and contributed op-ed to HuffPost Teen Wrote an Emoti-Con! workshop for an interactive group activity Attended Maker Faire 12. Examples of Challenges Attend Hive-sponsored events such as Summer Code Parties Outreach for the Hive such as using social media to persuade Describing Hive experience such as contributing to HuffPost Teen Participate in events with Hive presence such as Maker Faire Attend cross-member programs or events such as Emoti-Con, Digital Waves Festival, etc Represent Hive NYC at an event Participate in Hive NYC Youth Council 13. Examples of Challenge Activities Youth Council-related activity Share a skill/expertise Make a web page, video, or project; or hack something Recruit others to attend events Attend events at another organizations Barter a skill or service Write blog posts Social media outreach Present at an event Plan/design an event Facilitate a workshop Hive-related outreach 14. Questions & Feedback1. Do you have any thoughts about the overall design process?2. Is there anything you would like the design team to think about as wecontinue developing this out?3. Are there user stories and/or examples of Hive challenges you would liketo see included?4. Any other feedback?You can also email your questions/feedback to