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Quiz questions and answers


Hogwarts HousesWhich House are you in?

1. What adjective best describes you?a) Smart b) Brave c) Friendly, nice d) Manipulative ( )

2. What color do you prefer?a) Blue b) Red c) Yellow d) Green

3. What is your favorite subject?a) Herbology (Plants) b) Defense Against the Dark Arts c) The Care and Keeping of Magical Creatures (Animals) d) Potions

4. Who is your favorite professor?a) Professor Flitwick b) Hagrid c) Professor Sprout d) Professor Snape

5. What is your dream?a) To read many books and become very smart. b) To be strong and kill evil people. c) To make many friends and be happy. d) To become rich and powerful.

Add up your answers A = ___ B = ___ C = ___ D = ___

a) Ravenclaw

b) Gryffindor

c) Hufflepuff

d) Slytherin