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    PoudlardNom original : Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."Hogwarts" est en fait le nom d'une fleur. JKR a dit : "Mes ides proviennent de

    toutes sortes d'endroits et je ne me souviens pas toujours d'o ils me viennent. Uneamie londonienne m'a demand rcemment si je me souvenais quand j'avais vupour la premire fois le nom "Hogwarts". Je n'en avais aucune ide jusqu' ce qu'ellese rappelle qu'un jour nous sommes alles aux Kew Gardens et avons vu ces lys quitaient appeles "hogwarts". Je les aurais vues sept ans auparavant et elles auraienttravaill dans ma mmoire. Lorsque "Hogwarts" m'est apparu comme nom pourl'cole, je n'avais aucune ide d'o cela pouvait venir." (SMH)

    Emplacement : Ecosse, Grande-Bretagne.Fondateurs: Godric Gryffondor, Helga Poufsouffle, Rowena Serdaigleet SalazarSerpentard.Devise : la devise de l'cole, qui apparat sur son blason, est "Draco dormiensnunquam titillandus", ce qui signifie "Ne chatouillez pas un dragon qui dort". Elleest visible sur la page de garde des ditions anglaises enfant.


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    The Founders of Hogwarts"You all know, of course, that Hogwarts w as founded over a thousand years ago - the precise dateis uncertain - by the four greatest witches and wizards of the age. They b uilt this castle together,far from prying Muggle eyes, for it was an age w hen m agic was feared by comm on people, andwitches and wizards suffered much persecution." -- Professor Binns (CS)Over a th ousand years ago, the four greatest witches and wizards of the age shared a dream, tocreate a school where young people of the w izarding world could study and b e trained in themagical arts they needed to becom e skilled, fully-trained wizards. These four great w izards eachfounded one of the Houses of the school that they worked together to form: Hogw arts School ofWitchcraft and Wizardry. They hav e been referred to as 'The H ogwarts Four.'For a nu mber of years, this arrangement w orked just fine. Each of the founders took a group ofstudents to be in their own house and even th ough they had differences of opinion about w hoshould be trained, the house system h elped them all to w ork together. How ever, as the years wentby, the differences between Gryffindor and Slytherin becam e a serious rift. Eventually Slytherinleft the school.The Founders, circa 1,000 A .D.

    Godric GryffindorGodric Gryffindor believed that anyone w ho showed magical ability shouldbe allowed to attend H ogwarts.Appearance: Based upon the image by Lightmaker from JKR 's website(shown h ere), he ha s m ane-like red hair, green eyes, and a powerful build.Canon, or artistic license? Only Jo (and Lightm aker) know for sure.Home: According to the Sorting Hat, G ryffindor cam e "from wild m oor."Bathilda Bagshot's A H istory of Magic is a little more specific:Gryffindor was born in the W est Country village of Godric's Hollow,named for Godric him self (DH 16).Skills: According to JKR, "Godric Gryffindor was the most accom plisheddueller of his time, an enlightened fighter against M uggle-discrimination."

    Artifacts: The Sorting Hat originally belonged to Gryffindor. His goblin-made sword, with rubiesin the han dle, has also survived and was, at various times, in the possession of Dum bledore,Harry, Ron and Neville. The sw ord was n ot stolen, though th e goblins feel othervise (BLC).Device: Lion.Colors: Red and gold.


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    Helga Hu fflepuffAppearance: Based upon the image by Lightmaker from JKR 's website (shownhere), Hufflepuff has gingery red hair, blue eyes, and a plum p figure. Canon,or artistic license? Only Jo (and Lightm aker) know for sure.Home: According to th e Sorting Hat, H ufflepuff cam e "from valley broad,"which Lexicon reader Ian tells us probably indicates W ales.Skills: According to JK R's website, Hufflepuff was particularly famousfor her dexterity at food-related Charm s. Man y recipes traditionallyserved at Hogwarts feasts originated with H ufflepuff (JKR). Her Fam ousWizard card states that " s he brought people from different walks oflife together to help build Hogw arts and w as loved for her charmingways." (fw12). Another accomplishment of H ufflepuff's was her concernfor the treatment of House-elves in the W izarding world. She madeHogwarts a refuge for them, and as a result they were treated m orekindly there than elsewhere (PC122, PC 130).

    Artifacts:A sm all, magical golden cup with two finely wrought hand les, engraved with a badger(HBP20, HBP26).Device: Badger. Colors: Yellow and black.

    Salazar Slytherin Appearance: In CS17, the statue of Slytherin was described as being "ancientand monkey-like."Based upon the im age by Lightm aker from JKR's website (shown here),Slytherin is gaunt w ith a long grey beard and pale grey eyes. Canon, orartistic license? Only Jo (and Lightm aker) know for sure.Home: According to the Sorting Hat, Slytherin came from the fen. Inthe UK , fens are located in the eastern portion of England, East A ngliaand in particular Norfolk which is North East of London.Skills: Slytherin w as one of the first recorded Parselmouths and anaccomplished Legilimens (JKR).Artifacts: A h eavy gold locket carrying Salazar Slytherin's mark (an

    ornate serpentine "S"). The locket was inherited by Merope Gaun t Riddle, pawned during h erpregnancy to Borgin and Burkes, purchased by Hepzibah Sm ith, and subsequently stolen by TomRiddle upon Smith's murder (HB P20).Possibly also a clum sily-mad e gold ring with the Peverell coat-of-arms carved into th e blackstone (HBP4, HB P10, HBP17, HB P23) (see Horcruxes page for more information).Device: Snake. Colors: Green and silver.


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    Salazar Slytherin believed that only pure-blood witches and w izards should be allowed to attendHogw arts. He got into an argument w ith Godric Gryffindor about this and eventually left theschool. There was a legend that Slytherin built a secret chamber somew here in Hogwarts thatonly his true heir would b e able to open. This cham ber, called the Cha mber of Secrets, containeda m onster that would finish his "noble purpose" of killing all the M uggle-born students atHogw arts. As Slytherin's heir, Tom Riddle did open the Ch amber and released the m onster, abasilisk. Harry Potter defeated the basilisk with the help of Faw kes the phoenix and the sword ofGryffindor (CS).Harry Potter has man y qualities Salazar Slytherin prized in his hand-picked students:Parselmouth -- resourcefulness -- determination -- a certain disregard for rules.

    Rowena Ravenclaw Appearance: "Fair Ravenclaw, from glen," (GF12). The word "fair" can referto overall attractiven ess (as in "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairestof them all" in Snow W hite) as well as paleness of skin color or hair.Although neither one is canon, both the im age by Lightmaker from Jo'swebsite (see left) and the one on the original Famous W izard card(Electronic Arts ) show Ravenclaw with long dark hair and browneyes.Home: According to th e Sorting Hat.. ."Ravenclaw cam e "from glen,"which, according to Lexicon reader Ian, probably means som ewhere inScotland, such as Glencoe or the G reat Glen wh ere Loch Ness is.Family : A daughter named H elena, now know n as The Grey Lady, theghost of Ravenclaw House at Hogwarts (DH 31).Skills: Her Famous Wizard card tells us that " i t's thought that shecame u p with the ever-changing floor plan. She's best rememb ered for her intelligence andcreativity."

    Artifacts: Diadem (tiara) inscribed "Wit beyond m easure is man's greatest treasure" whichbestows wisdom w hen worn. Stolen by her daughter Helena, who ran aw ay to Albania and hidthe diadem in a tree. It was later found by Tom Riddle who m ade a Horcrux with it and hid itin the room of Requirement. The diadem was destroyed by Fiendfyre (DH31) (see Horcruxes pagefor m ore information).Device: Eagle. Colors: Blue and bronze.According to Jo's website, Ravenclaw was "the m ost brilliant witch of her time," who, accordingto legend, died of a b roken heart (cause unknown) (JKR).She is said to have stated: "We w ill teach those wh ose intelligence is surest." (OP11) (fw16) Row enawas dear friends with H elga Hufflepuff


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    Chaque Maison a un directeur, toujours un professeur. Il est responsable des lvesde la Maison concerne. Il y a aussi plusieurs prfets pour chaque Maison. ChaqueMaison a son fantme et un animal comme symbole. Voici la liste des directeurs,animaux, couleurs et fantmes de chaque Maison :

    Gryffondor Serdaigle Poufsouffle SerpentardDirecteur McGonagall Flitwick C ourave RogueFantme Nick Quasi-Sans-Tte La Dame Grise Le Moine Gras Le Baron Sanglant

    nimal lion aigle blaireau serpentCouleurs rouge et or bleu et bronze jaune et noir vert et argent

    GryffondorNom original : Gryffindor (signification identique, c'est dire"griffon d'or" ; "dor" ayant t emprunt au franais).Directeurs : Albus Dumbledore; Minerva McGonagall.Fondateur : Godric Gryffondor.Blason: lion d'or rampant sur fond gueules (c'est dire un liond'or dress sur ses deux jambes et sur un fond rouge, puisque lescouleurs de Gryffondor sont le jaune et le rouge).Fantme : Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington.Caractristiques : les Gryffondor sont connus pour leur courage.SerdaigleNom original : Ravenclaw (de "raven", "corbeau", et "claw","griffes, serres").Directeur : Filius Flitwick.Fondatrice : Rowena Serdaigle.Fantm