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  • Hogwarts Professors, Mythic Pantheons

  • Greek Gods

    DumbledoreZeusMinerva McGonagallAthena, goddess of wisdomFilius FlitwickHermes the clever crafterHorace SlughornDionysus the drunken hedonistSeverus SnapeHades the despised underworld godPomona SproutDemeter, harvest goddessAlecto and Amycus CarrowThe Furies, who punish traitorsDolores UmbridgeEris, goddess of discordArgus FilchArgus the guardianGilderoy LockhartAphrodite, love goddessMad-Eye MoodyHephaestus the misshapen smithSybill TrelawnyThe OracleCharity BurbagePrometheusHagridPan the forest demigodFirenzeChiron the centaurHelga Hufflepuff

    Hestia, modest guardian of the hearthRolanda HoochIris the rainbow messengerQuirrellMinos

  • The Second Generation

    HarryHerculesRonApolloGod of passion and lightHermioneHermesThe HelperLuna


    Based on her name and self-sufficient independenceDraco, Crabbe and GoyleAres and sons Phobos and DeimosA trio of terror

    Pansy ParkinsonEris, goddess of discordGinnyPersephoneThe sacrificed maiden in COSFleurAphroditeIrresistible love goddessNeville

    Hephaestus the misshapen smithEveryone picks on him and discounts him

  • HerculesPotter SeriesDeathly HallowsSkill testedLabor One - Nemean Lion Hercules wears its skin for the rest of his labors..Harrys first major test is battling the troll. The reward (Hermiones friendship) is something he carries forever. The first villain in Deathly Hallows is Voldemort, trying to stop him from escaping.Test: CourageLabor Two - Lernean Hydra Hercules needs his nephew IolusFighting the Hornback (book 4). He swoops and dodges the reptilian creature, with outside help from his broom. Likewise, he sneaks through the Ministry to get to Umbridge.Test: ClevernessLabor Three - Cerynitian Hind He has to capture it aliveHarry learns potions and transfiguration, all very delicate work. The sword has a gentle doe guardian, testing his courage but not threatening him.Test: Care and CautionLabor Four - Erymanthian Boar Herculess teacher Chiron accidentally killed.Loss of Sirius and other friends. Harry must face the last tests without guidance.Dumbledore is accidentally killed while Harry is questing with him for the Horcrux. Test: Loss of the mentorLabor Five - Stables of Augeas An endless, impossible taskHomework and classes. A wizard his age creating a patronus is deemed impossible, but Harry perseveres nonetheless.Endlessly waiting in the tent and traveling in search of Horcruxes Test: Patience Labor Six - Stymphalian Birds Shrieking swarmsThis echoes the horde of keys guarding the Philosophers Stone.A giant deadly snake in Godrics HollowTest: Dexterity

  • HerculesPotter SeriesDeathly HallowsSkill testedLabor Seven - Cretan Bulls Facing the vast empire of Minos, traveling far awayEntering the Ministry, Knockturn Alley, the Hall of Prophecies, the graveyard, and other menacing placesCamping in the countrysideTest: Exploring through adversity Labor Eight - Mares of Diomedes Hercules rescues Alcestis from deathHarry battles the basilisk to rescue Ginny, and then frees Dobby.Rescuing the lady from the ministry (and getting the locket)Lesson: Defending the weak Labor Nine - Belt of Hippolyte This mission calls for tact: the queen of the Amazons surrenders the belt freelyHarry convinces Cho to join the DA, and finally wins Chos then Ginnys affection.Harry persuades Kreacher to trust him and to retrieve the locket.Lesson: Tact and relationshipsLabor Ten - Cattle of Geryon Heated by the Sun, Hercules bends his bow at Helios himselfDefiance of Fudge, Defying the MinistryHarry resists all the ministers of magic and their representatives, the highest authorities.Test: Battling unjust authorityLabor Eleven - Apples of Hesperides Hercules wrestles Antaeus, who gets his powers from earth, and kills him in midairHe exploits Umbridges greed, Wormtails honor, Voldemorts superiority, and more to defeat them.Harry uses the Horcruxes, Elder Wand, and his mothers protection (which are all supposed to safeguard Voldemort) to defeat him.Test: Exploiting the villains power to destroy him.Labor Twelve - Hound of HadesFacing Fluffy, the three headed dog, guarding the path down to Voldemort .Self sacrifice in the Forbidden Forest Test: Facing death in the deepest pit.

  • Greek NamesHermione GrangerHermes, Percys owlAlastor MoodyArgus FilchSybill TrelawnyAlecto CarrowAmycus CarrowMerope GauntNymphadora TonksAndromeda TonksDelphini

  • Roman Gods and Latin NamesPomona SproutMinerva McGonagallSilvanus KettleburnSeptima Vector (Arithmancy)Quirinus QuirrelRemus LupinAurora Sinistra (Astronomy)Albus Dumbledore

  • Egypt


    Osiris, king prematurely murdered who become god of the dead and was avenged by his heroic son Horus. After he died, his wife Isis searched the world for the pieces of his body, rather like a Horcrux hunt. Minerva McGonagallMaat, goddess of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice.Severus SnapeSet, brother and betrayer of Horus. He is the god of the desert, storms, darkness and chaos.Dolores UmbridgeNephthys, the dark despised rejected goddess, wife of Set. She was Lady of the House, Osiris's palace.Irma PinceNekhbet, the white vulture, was a protective goddessPoppy PomfreySerket, goddess of healing stings and bites Pomona SproutHathor, goddess of life and growing thingsMrs. NorrisBast, the cat goddess of protection and femininity

  • IndiaThe pantheons themselves werent a strong match, but there are a few particular references to consider.Parvati is the wife of the god Shiva, known for her courage (the perfect Gryffindor).Padma refers to Saraswati, the goddess of intellect (the perfect Ravenclaw).Nagin is used for the female snake in Hindi, while Naginis power parallels the mythic nagas, or snake-people of tales.

  • Norse MythFrom the nine worlds of the world tree we get giants, trolls, and goblins. The latter were clever crafters known for their superb handiwork.Hermione studies runes.The flying fighting women, the Valkyries, may have inspired Madam Hooch, Ginny, and other female Quidditch players.

  • Norse Gods: The Aesir

    Then saidThrithi:Odinis the greatest and oldest of the sir. The patriarch is Dumbledore; both sacrifice a great deal for wisdom Odin his eye and Dumbledore his loved ones. (22.) Odin's second son isBaldur. Baldur was the brightest and most beautiful, sacrificed to save humanity. Harry is likely the best parallel, unless one is a Cedric fan(24.) Njord, in Noatun, afterward begat two children: a son, by nameFreyr, and a daughter, by nameFreyja. They were fair of face, and mighty. These beautiful twins are noting like the Carrows, though a bit like Ron and Hermione.(26.)Bragiis the name of another of the asas. He is famous for his wisdom, eloquence and flowing speech. Flitwick has some echoes, though hes closer to the clever crafting dwarves.(27.)Heimdallis the name of one. He is also called Hallinskide and Gullintanne, for his teeth were of gold. He guards the gate like Argus, but theres little more similarity.(28.)Hoderwho is blind, but exceedingly strong; and the gods would wish that this asa never needed to be named, for the work of his hand will long be kept in memory both by gods and men. Misled, he killed the handsome eloquent Baldur, just as Mad-Eye Moodys form is used to betray Cedric and Harry.(33.) There is yet one who is numbered among the asas, but whom some call the backbiter of the asas. He is the originator of deceit, and the disgrace of all gods and men. His name isLoki. Loki, contentious and set apart, the traitor, has Snape parallelsMost of these are war gods, so its hard to find much correspondence.

  • Norse GoddessesFriggis the first; she possesses the right lordly dwelling which is called Fensaler. she knows the fate of men, although she tells not thereof. Not a very good fit for Sybill.The third isEir, who is the best leech. In other words, a healer like Madame Pomfrey.The ninth isVar. She hears the oaths and troths that men and women plight to each other. Hence such vows are called vars, and she takes vengeance on those who break their promises. The unbreakable vow?The tenth isVr, who is so wise and searching that nothing can be concealed from her. It is a saying that a woman becomes vor (ware) of what she becomes wise. Perhaps McGonagall knows more than shes tellingThe eleventh isSyn, who guards the door of the hall, and closes it against those who are not to enter. In trials she guards those suits in which anyone tries to make use of falsehood. Hence is the saying that "syn is set against it," when anyone tries to deny ought. The Fat Lady?The twelfth isHlin, who guards those men whom Frigg wants to protect from any danger. Hence is the saying that he hlins who is forewarned. Lily, Harrys protector, certainly parallels her.The fourteenth isGna, whom Frigg sends on her errands into various worlds. She rides upon a horse called Hofvarpner, that runs through the air and over the sea. [...] Madame Hooch, a valkyrie?

    Most of these are goddesses of love and beauty, again a bad match for Hogwarts unless youre a Veela.

  • Celtic Correspondences

    DumbledoreThe Dagda: The All father, god of the arts, knowledge, magic, prophecy, prosperity, and regeneration Rubeus HagridRudiobus, the Celtic god of horsesFilius FlitwickSucellos, the Celtic 'good striker' and smith godGilderoy LockhartAngus Og, the beautiful male god of loveMinerva McGonagallBrighid, the triple goddess of healing, poetry and smithcraftSeverus Snape

    Lugh, the tormented god of healing, reincarnation, prophecy, knowledge, and revenge. He was forbidden to wed any woman and his flower wife betrayed him for another. His sign was the white stag. Madam RosmertaRosmerta "The Great Provider: Celtic Goddess of fertility and wealth. Sybill Trelawny

    Corra, Goddess of Prop