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  • HOKIE Nation Network

  • AgendaProfessional NetworksSocial NetworksPresenting YourselfQuestions and Discussion

  • Professional NetworksChamber of Commerce and Boards of TradeScheduled eventsProfessional networking eventsCommittee involvementB2BCounty/Local Government ServicesSmall Business Development and IncubatorsEconomic DevelopmentPublic Hearings

  • Professional Networks continuedAlumniUniversityUndergrad and Graduate schoolsCollege and DepartmentsHigh SchoolsProfessional CurriculumsLeadership Fairfax, Lead Virginia, Sorenson InstituteCertificates, Licenses

    Often these organizations will have publications with job opportunities

  • Social NetworksLinkedIn and FacebookGroupsEmployersProfessionalOpportunity to get into online discussionsBlogs

  • Presenting YourselfResumesCover letters and follow up notesSell how you will benefit the organization; your skills to the organizations needsSocial MediaWhat impression are you leaving through LinkedIn or Facebook?


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