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The holi festival in germany. Described with a few facts and pictures. By Peter Jammernegg© all rights resvered


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    6th holi in germany

    all tickets were sold outafter 2 hours

    15.000 registered vistorslargest holi until nowspace 12.800m

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    The holi festival started 2012 in Berlin, with more than 3.000 vistors and a huge media interest.It was the first holi in Europe and after three more holis and 25.000 guests a successful year ended.

    The german model of holi is different from the orginalone in India. It is more about making party and lessspiritual.

    In 2013 there will be ten holi festivals and each one in a different german city.

  • historyEvery year, thousands of hindus participate in the festival holi. Holi is an annual festival celebrated on the day after the full moon in the hindu month of phalguna (early march). It celebrates spring, commemorates various events in hindu mythology and is time of disregarding social norms and indulging in general merrymaking.

    Celebrated all over India since ancient times, holis precise form and purpose display great variety. Originally, holi was an agricultural festival celebrating the arrival of spring.

    This aspect still plays a significant part in the festival in the form of the colored powders. Holi is a time when man and nature alike throw off the gloom of winter and rejoice in the colors and liveliness of spring.

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