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  • 1. WLBT3 Likes facebook

2. WLBT reaches over 23,000Facebook users daily! We can help yourbusiness promote special offers with a social media campaign using WLBT 3 OnYour SideFacebook Page. 3. HOLIDAY DOUGH Win $300 FromClick Here To Win $300 from WLBT and The Rug Place Holiday Dough NEWSFEEDWLBT 3 On Your Side facebook posts will engage with 23,000 followers,informing them of the HOLIDAY DOUGHgiveaway from WLBT andSPONSOR to spend with Sponsor. WLBT will promote Holiday Dough 3-4 times daily with your business logoincluded. 4. Holiday Dough ALLOW Viewers will be required to allow facebook their info to proceed with registration process 5. Promotional page on WLBT 3 On Your Side facebook page informing viewers that they areNOW registered to wina$300 gift card to spend with sponsorand shouldstart shopping on clientsfacebook page MESSAGE YOUARE REGISTERED Thank you ! You are now registered to win.Click here to visit The Rug Place Facebook page and start making your wish list! 6. Make sure that your clients Like Gate their facebookpage to track traffic and new LIKES LIKE 7. NOV 27 NOV 29 NOV 28 NOV 30 Week D Rug Place Client will choose their week of facebook promotion for Holiday Dough! 8. 300x150 Send customers to your facebook page from WLBT Holiday Shopping Guide . Only Holiday Dough sponsors willRotate in the 468x60 and 300x150 Shopping Guide 9. Send customers to your facebook page from with aBanner Display Adon homepage. YOUR AD HERE 40,000 Impressions on Homepage Per month in Nov & Dec Home Page 10. Send The Mobile User To Your Facebook Page Utilize WLBT Mobile to send viewers to your business facebook page to get more likes! 60,000 Impressions on WLBT Mobile per month for Nov and Dec 11. Holiday Dough!WLBT 3 Promotion

  • Your Business Receives:
  • One Week asFeature ClientofHoliday Dough Facebook Promotion
  • Holiday Helper Shopping Guide Sponsorship (November & December
  • 80,000 ROS Impression on & December)
  • 120,000 Impressions on WLBT Mobile Campaign (November & December)
  • Your Business Provides:
  • $1500 Investment ($750 Per MonthNovember and December )
  • $300 Gift Card

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