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30th July 2015 From Holiday Snaps to Travel Photography By Matt Widgery

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  • 30th July 2015

    From Holiday Snaps to Travel PhotographyBy Matt Widgery

  • A bit about this dude Self confessed photography nut First picked up a camera aged 5 (Boots 110 Easy Grip) Still got it Earns a living shooting portraits, bands and commercial work Teaches workshops around the world Founder international photography news and

    entertainment website. Part of the F Stop Lounge international photographers collective Has a YouTube channel which you should all subscribe to immediately! Is at if anyone has one of those internets at home.


  • How to avoid gas ruining your holiday

    How to stay married and avoid the divorce courts

    How to make a thousand pesky tourists disappear in broad daylight

    How to come away with a set of photographs actually worth a damn

    What were going to learn today

  • Dont let G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) ruin your holidayOr, how to pack what you need to take great photos, without needing a sherpa to carry it around for you!

  • Henri Cartier-Bresson only used a 50mm in his personal work!

    You dont have to limit yourself to just a single prime but you may find it liberating to try.

    You will miss some shots, but youll get your eye trained on that focal length. Youll start to see the world in those frame lines.

    For street I use an 18mm (28mm equiv.) lens. I like to get close!

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its

  • A Super Zoom!

  • Pros of a super zoom lens?

    Wide range of focal lengths in one

    No need to change lenses

    keeps dust and moisture out of camera

    Lighter than carrying a bag of lenses

    Can often be had cheaply (unless youre a Fuji user)

  • Cons of a super zoom lens?

    Variable aperture so image darkens when you zoom in (like your kit lens)

    Optics of a zoom never as good as a prime

    Wider the focal range there worse the optics (although modern lens designs and post production software are freakin fantastic these days that I wouldnt worry too much.

    Not very bright (the lens, hopefully not the photographer). You may want to pack a prime with a f/2.8 or brighter) aperture for low light shots.

  • Spend more money, get better photos?The best camera for travel photography

  • The best camera is the one you have with you- Chase Jarvis

  • A few tips for choosing the best travel camera

    Size and Weight

    Low light capability

    AF speed

    Weather Sealing / toughness

    Manual controls easy to get to

  • Other stuff you probably shouldnt forgetEssential Travel Photography Gear

  • Useful bits and bobs

    Tripod. Light Weight = good! Carbon fibre cheaper than ever now.

    Essential for astrophotography

    long exposure shots of water or other cool stuff well come on to in a while

  • Useful bits and bobs


    ND Filters cut out light so you can shoot wide open in the day

    Allow you to get very long exposures for cool effects like smokey water & Making a thousand pesky tourists disappear in broad daylight!

    Cut out glare from glass and water.

    Increase colour saturation especially in foliage and skies

  • How to make a thousand pesky tourists disappearPhoto credit: Etienne Gaboreau

  • useful bits and bobs

    Graduated Filters

    Darker at top than bottom.

    Bring detail out in the sky and maintain detail in the shadows.

  • Useful bits and bobs

    Spare cards and batteries

    Bring at least one spare card and battery with you

    Both can fail unexpectedly

    Both can fall in the sea

    If the card is full and your battery is dead youre screwed!

  • Useful bits and bobs

    Camera bag

    Branded stuff is attractive to thieves

    get a camera bag that doesnt look like a camera bag

    For travel pick a smaller bag so youre forced to take less stuff!

  • How to stay married and avoid the divorce courts

  • Get up at sunrise but dont insist the whole family comes too

  • If you spend all your money on camera gear

  • Leave enough for the hotel

  • Some more tips for a pleasant trip for all

    If youre travelling with non-photographers dont keep them waiting for hours while you get the perfect shot

    Find some time to go out and shoot while the others are shopping or at the beach

    Book a photography specific holiday so you can indulge your passion with like-minded people and expert guidance

  • The meat and potatoesHow to make better travel photographs

  • Light matters

  • I got up at 4:30am to get this light

  • Mostly the light sucksIf youre with a tour group they will leave after the good light is over and get back before the good light comes back.

    Harsh shadows and midday sun are what youll have to deal with. Embrace them! Look for shafts of light, and remember to expose for the highlights.

  • Photo series can be more powerful than single images

  • Its about people and places, not pictures!

  • The journey is as important as the destination

  • Get



  • Get Creative

  • Try out new techniques

  • Think like a photojournalistTell the whole story

  • Food







  • The Final ProductMake a photobook and keep your memories safe.