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This presentation was shared at the WIU/Allison farm field day in 2010


  • 1. On Farm Bio-Fuel Cropping Systems Luke Holst Holst Farms Augusta, IL
  • 2. Holst Farms In 2010 1300 acres cornAugusta 1200 acres soybeans* 160 wheat/sunflower 100 acres alfalfa. 100 and 150 brood cows lots of hogs 300 pounds of tomatoes/week (peak production)
  • 3. Bio-Diesel Production on Holst Farms Holst Farms has been producing bio-fuel on-farm for four years. Hybrid sunflowers are grown and processed on the farm. A blend of vegetable oil, gasoline and conventional diesel fuel is used in farm equipment
  • 4. Cropping Systems Wheat-Sunflower double crop winter wheat is planted in the fall and followed by a sunflower crop Sunflowers are planted in late June to early July Sunflowers are harvested in late November Canola-Sunflower double crop A new crop rotation is being researched
  • 5. Winter Wheat Field in Early Spring A proven double-crop system in W. Illinois Sunflower Field in early September Much more reliable than double crop soybeans
  • 6. Wheat-Sunflower System Sunflowers Conventional plan uses 90 lbs of N and 50 lbs of DAP per acre. On Holst Farms incorporated swine manure is usually used instead of fertilizer. Spartan broadleaf herbicide and Select grass herbicide is applied before planting Wheat Fall applied Urea, DAP, Potash Spring applied Fungicide and Nitrogen
  • 7. Sunflower Yields Over the last three growing seasons Holst Farms has averaged 40 bu per acre for sunflowers - some fields have averaged over 50 bu per acre Oil yield has been between 1.5 and 1.75 gallons per bushel.
  • 8. The future??? Canola-Sunflower Double Crop System In fall 2009, Holst Farms and the IIRA: VASDC planted a canola trial IIRA:VASDC = Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs: Value- Added Sustainable Development Center, http://www.value- added.org/
  • 9. 2009/10 Canola plot: 3 varietiesFlash , Wichita and Dekalb
  • 10. Canola Plot ResultsFlash Witchita DekalbRep Length Width Rep Length Width Length Width Weight 1 436 15 1 436 15 1000 30 Tare 4320 Total 2 427 15 2 427 15 Feet 30000 Gross 5240 0.68870 3 427 15 3 427 15 Acres 5 Net 920 17.6923 4 330 15 4 230 15 Bushels 1 25.6892Totals 1620 60 Totals 1520 60 Bu/Acre 3Total TotalFeet 97200 Weight Feet 91200 WeightAcres 0.448148 Tare 1880 Acres 0.477632 Tare 3620Bushels 26.15385 Gross 3240 Bushels 13.46154 Gross 4320Bu/Acre 58.35982 Net 1360 Bu/Acre 28.18394 Net 700TotalsAcres 1.614485Bushels 57.30769Weight 2980Bu/Acre 35.49596
  • 11. Canola-Sunflower Double Crop For the 2010-2011 growing season Holst Farms and IIRA VSDC have planned to test a winter Canola crop followed by a sunflower crop. If successful this should greatly increase oil yield per acre. > 200 gallons per acre?? < 3% of crop land dedicated to fuel production
  • 12. On-farm Oil Processing
  • 13. Two 6-ton presses
  • 14. Oil is allowed to settle for several weeks
  • 15. Oil CleaningSock Filter: 1st part of cleaning Centrifuge: 2nd part of cleaning process process, oil must be heated during this process
  • 16. Oil-Gas Mixture: The Finished Product
  • 17. Blending 1 part gasoline : 6 parts sunflower oil is the Holsts standard blend Gasoline is added to achieve the same specific gravity as diesel fuel The amount of gasoline is small enough that no adverse effects have been noticed on engines. The oil-gasoline blend is mixed with diesel (approximately 50/50 mix) before use in farm equipment.
  • 18. Sunflower presscake retains ~ 20%of the oil.Press cake is fedto cattle
  • 19. Sunflower oilsludge is one of the materials burned to heat the Holsts greenhouses
  • 20. Questions?