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HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC COMMUNITY PARISH OFFICE Phone (307) 362-2611 Fax (307) 382-4911 RECTORY (307) 362-3493 116 Broadway, Rock Springs, WY 82901 633 Bridger, Rock Springs, WY 82901 Office Hours: M-F 9 am- 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm CATHOLIC SCHOOL (307) 362-6077

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PARISH OFFICE Phone (307) 362-2611 Fax (307) 382-4911 RECTORY (307) 362-3493 116 Broadway, Rock Springs, WY 82901 633 Bridger, Rock Springs, WY 82901 Office Hours: M-F 9 am- 12 pm and 1 pm - 4 pm CATHOLIC SCHOOL (307) 362-6077
July 1, 2018
Thirteenth Sunday in
The Mass with Anointing of the Sick will be on
Saturday, July 7th 9:00 am at SCM Church.
This provides families a wonderful opportunity to bring an aged or infirm family member for
anointing and to join them in prayer.
What a wonderful way to fulfill the 4th Commandment of “Honor thy father & mother and extended family.” Join us in prayer for the healing grace of Anointing of the Sick.
He took the child by the hand and said to her,
"Talitha koum," which means, "Little girl, I say to
you, arise!" The girl, a child of twelve, arose
immediately and walked around. At that they were utterly astounded. - Mk 5:41-42
First Tuesday Rosary
at the OLS Church
syndrome, and to pray for the end of abortion.
Please join us in prayer at 7:00 pm to further
spread the message that “life is eternal and sacred
from conception to natural death.”
This weekend is the first of the month, therefore we will have a second collection
for the poor and those who need temporary assistance locally.
The focus outside local needs is Peter’s Pence
In addition to your donation, if it is possible to bring non-perishable food the first weekend, and it will be
distributed from the Loaves and Fishes Pantry. Thank You and God Bless You!
Father Glen’s farewell reception
will be July 1st, 2:00 pm to
5:00pm at SCM Parish Center.
Please bring a side dish to share.
Let’s all get together and show Father
Glen how much he has meant to the parish
over the years and enjoy a great time of
fellowship and memories.
Pastor of St. Joseph in Lovell and Sacred
Heart in Greybull. Father Bill Hill was
appointed pastor of Holy Spirit Catholic
Community. Please keep Father Glen and
Father Bill in your prayers.
The Parish Office will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th, and will re-open on Thursday June 5th.
Office hours are 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.
Save the Date!
July 15, 2018 ~ The DeSmet Mass
Please note the DeSmet is July 15th not July 8th. Directions to DeSmet Mass: Drive 11 Miles north of Pinedale, turn left at Daniel Jct. Drive thru Daniel, and past it for a few miles. Look for the sign which says “Mass of the Prairie”, turn left at
the sign. This is the site of the 1840s “La Messe de la Prairie” the location of the first Mass celebrated in Wyoming. This first Mass was celebrated by Fr. Pierre Jean DeSmet. For more information, please
contact Our Lady of Peace Church (307-367-2359).
Peter’s Pence Collection In the second collection today, we are supporting the Holy Father
in his charitable works. The Peter’s Pence Collection is taken up
world-wide to support the most disadvantaged: victims of war,
oppression, and natural disasters. Join with our Holy Father Pope
Francis, and be a witness of charity to our suffering brothers and
sisters. Please be generous in today’s collection!
Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
Stay connected with The Diocese of Cheyenne! You can find us on Instagram at DioceseOfCheyenne; Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ dioceseofcheyenne and Twitter @wyocatholic.
God’s Little Corner
Shop by appointment ~ 307-362-2875
Holy Spirit Catholic School
Though summer hours are limited, we are always available by appointment. Call 362-6077 and leave a message or call
the Parish Office 362-2611.
We continue to enroll classes for the 2018 - 2019 school year.
Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. We invite
prospective families to visit the school.
We Need Volunteers!!!
To provide meals for our Vacation Bible School Volunteers. We will need volunteers to provide meals the week of July 9th –11th,
We are also in need of people to provide snacks for the week. If you are interested in donating snacks juice boxes, crackers, fruit, popsicles, small water bottles, trail mix,
sausages, and hot dog buns, etc. they can be brought to the Parish Office for drop off.
Please contact Amanda for details or call the Parish Office 307-362-2611.
VBS 2018
uncharted island. Throughout the week we
will learn that Jesus carries us through
life’s storms. We will also look into the lives
of the Saints, experience prayer, attend
daily Mass, sing many songs, and learn
how Jesus rescues us!
the OLS Parish Center.
Registrations are available at the Parish
Mass for the week of July 9th thru
July 13th has been changed to 11:15. This
change will allow the children and the
VBS Team to celebrate daily Mass.
Join us at 11:15 for Mass at OLS Church.
Immaculate Conception in Green River will be hiring a part-time
Religious Education Coordinator- 20 hrs per week (including Wed.
evening), k-7th grade, August- May. Please call the parish office at 307-875-2184 for details.
1. Visit https://holyspiritcc.weshareonline.org/ 2. Select your donation amount and frequency 3. Enter your account and payment information
Invitamos a todas las familias, a la Hora Santa y grupo de oración que se lleva a cabo todos los
JUEVES a las 6pm en la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (OLS).
contains Mass readings and daily meditations for the
July and August. They are available in the Churches.
Get yours today!
Se está resando el Santo Rosario Todos los martes a las 6pm En la iglesia OLS. Te invitamos a acompañarnos.
La Oficina Parroquial Permanecerá cerrada el Miercoles 4 de Julio Debido al dia festivo de Independencia. Reabriremos el jueves 5 de julio a las 9am.
Se realiza la Misa a favor de los Enfermos.
Los esperamos el 5 de Julio a las 6:00 pm
En la Iglesia OLS.
Un fin desemana de descubrimientos. Una vida
llena de amor.
Gillette, WY
Financial Information June 23 ~ June 24
average weekly expenses - $14,348.39
Thank You & May God Bless You For Your Generosity
Wyoming Catholic Men’s Retreat August 17th - 19th 2018
The Wyoming Catholic Men’s Retreat is an opportunity to get away from all the stress of the outside world and enjoy all that God has to offer. This retreat concentrates on fellowship, recreation, and most importantly growing in your faith.
We are excited to welcome Deacon Larry Oney as our 2018 retreat speaker. Deacon Oney has appeared on EWTN television programs The Choices We Face & Crossing the Goal & Focus TV. Join us on August 17, 18 & 19, 2018 to strengthen your relationship with God and enjoy Christian fellowship with other men of
More information at http:// wyomingcatholicmensretreat.com/
Parishioners, please help us update our
military list, if you know someone who is no
longer in the military, please call
the Parish Office 362-2611
Oliver Barton, Sonny Carrier, Larry Lux, Bob Tarufelli, Fran Plemel ,Gayle Webb, Barry & Barbara Lorenz, Nuria Guerrero,Megan Owens, Carol Stevenson, Barbara Leeper, David Corhn, Ruth Micklich,
Paul Murray, Dusty Alexander, Betty Mott, Sylvia Alcivar
Although we recognize that many people need prayers for a longer period of time, it is
our policy to run names in the bulletin for three weeks due to space limitations.
Thanks for understanding.
ADORATION CHAPEL Prayers are answered, peace of heart and mind, happiness for yourself, family and
Join us in filling the daylight hours. Adorers are not obligated to keep late night or early morning hours. Adoration hours have changed to 5:00 am to 9:00 pm, however the Adoration Chapel will remain open if you wish to pray during the late and early hours. 5:00 am to 9:00 pm hours needing an adorer:

! "
A Weekend of Discovery – A Lifetime of Love
August 4-5, 2018
Gillette, WY
On Tuesday, July 10th we
extend an invitation to Holy Spirit
parishioners to join us at
SCM Church for a Holy Hour of
Adoration at 6:00 pm.
second Tuesday of every month at SCM
Church. Join us as we pray for our Church, our
families, and our country.
The Diocese of Cheyenne has an opening for Director of Pastoral
Ministries. The Director of Pastoral Ministries assists the Diocesan
Bishop in developing and directing a Pastoral Ministries Plan for the
Diocese of Cheyenne. Bilingual (Spanish and English)
conversational and written, preferred. Submit an application, letter
of Interest and a current resume by mail, e-mail, online, or in
person by July 24, 2018 to: Tammy Skala, Human Resource
Director, Diocese of Cheyenne, 2121 Capitol Ave, Cheyenne, WY
82001, Office: 307-638-1530 - [email protected] -
application: www.dioceseofcheyenne.org/employment.html
Mir. Brad Burridge
PE5 Jeremy Mott
Staff Sgt. Jared Bertagnolli
Sgt. Jareme Chase Dolce
encourage all who worship here to
become registered parishioners.
much easier its time for infant baptism,
school or religious education
baptismal or confirmation sponsor, and funerals.
Simply attending Mass here does not make you a
registered parishioner. Please call or visit the parish
office to complete a registration form. Also please
contact the Parish center if you have a new address
or phone number. The staff is able to serve you
better if the parish records are accurate.
Our goal for 2018 Living & Giving in Christ is $107,071.00
When making your pledge, please remember: 1. Our Bishop has no weekly collection to pay the overhead and salaries of the people who make the Diocese run, including his own salary. 2. He has six young men (seminarians) in college right now. 3. Let’s give our Bishop the best chance to be successful as our chief shepherd by everyone giving him some financial help. Pledged to 6-19-2018 $62,619.11 Envelopes are in the pews. Complete one if you haven’t already completed your pledge information on the envelope that you received in the mail at home; thanks to those who have. Be sure to mark it Holy Spirit Parish,
Rock Springs; St. Christopher’s, Eden; Drop it in the collection basket or mail it to the Bishop. This year the
option to give online is also available at www.livingandgivinginchrist.org.
I have enclosed the following gift in support of the 2018 Diocesan Bishop’s Appeal Payment Schedule __ I offer my total pledge of $_________ Monthly payments ____________ Quarterly payments___________ __ Amount Enclosed $_________ One-time payment ____________ Payment Method __ Check Payment (Payable to Diocese of Cheyenne) Name:________________________ Address:_______________________ __ Credit Card Payment City:__________________________ Credit Card Number_____________ State: Zip _____________________ Expiration Date_________________ Parish:________________________
__ Automatic Bank Withdrawal (please enclose voided check) I have enclosed the following gift in
support of the 2018 Diocesan Bishop’s Appeal (please enclose voided check)
Diocesan Bishop’s Appeal
June 30 ~ July 08
SAT 3:00 pm - SCM Confessions 30 5:30 pm - SCM † Marcia Battisti 7:00 pm - OLS CANCELLED SUN 8:00 am - Eden I/O Father Beavers 01 8:00 am - SCM † Pat Timlin 9:30 am - OLS † Richard Muniz 11:00 am - SCM † Mike Motto † Kay Motto Keldsen 11:30 am - OLS Holy Spirit Parish, Missions & Parishioners 6:00 pm - OLS † Steve Nickols
MON 7:00 am - SCM I/O Ann Marie Kaumo 02 9:00 am - OLS I/ O Stu & Natalie Miller TUE 7:00 am - SCM I/O Mary Jo Kershisnik 03 9:00 am - OLS I/O Klatka Family WED 7:00 am - SCM CANCELLED 04 9:00 am - OLS I/O Margie Swann THUR 7:00 am - SCM † Guy Gatti 05 9:00 pm - OLS † Jennifer Archuleta 6:00 pm - OLS I/O Celebrant
FRI 7:00 am - SCM † Allen Hafner 06 10:30 am - Sage View I/O Ruth Micklich 12:00 pm - OLS † Rose Zupence SAT 9:00 am - SCM I/O Ava Catherine McInerney 07 3:00 pm - SCM Confessions 5:30 pm - SCM † Kenneth McClure 7:00 pm - OLS CANCELLED SUN 8:00 am - Eden † Dori Kay Evans 08 8:00 am - SCM † Michael Yakimovich 9:30 am - OLS † Frieda Bekakis 11:00 am - SCM Holy Spirit Parish, Missions & Parishioners 11:30 am - OLS † Raquel Delgadillo 6:00 pm - OLS † Angelo & Irma Anselmi
SUNDAY, July 01 Peter’s Pence Collection
8:00 am - Mass - Eden 2:00 pm - Fr. Glen’s Farwell Reception - SCM Parish Center 3:00 pm - Patriotic Rosary - SCM Church
MONDAY, July 02
TUESDAY, July 03
6:20 am - Rosary - SCM Church 6:45 am - Novena - SCM Church 8:30 am - Rosary - OLS Church 6:00 pm - Rosary in Spanish - OLS Church 7:00 pm - First Tuesday Rosary - OLS Church 7:00 pm - Hispanic Faith Formation - Office
Independence Day Office Closed
7:00 am - CANCELLED Mass 9:00 am - Mass - OLS Church 5:00 pm - Hispanic Ladies Group - SCM Lounge 7:00 pm - Hispanic Choir Practice - OLS Church
6:20 am - Rosary - SCM Church 8:30 am - Rosary - OLS Church 6:00 pm - Hispanic Children’s Catechesis - OLS Church 6:00 pm - Mass with Anointing - OLS Church 7:00 pm - Confessions in Spanish – OLS Church 7:00 pm - Spanish Charismatic Prayer Group - OLS Church
FRIDAY, July 06 Homebound Communion 6:20 am - Rosary - SCM Church 8:30 am - Rosary - OLS Church 10:30 am - Mass - Sage View Care Center 12:00 pm - Mass with Holy Hour to follow- OLS Church 8:00 pm - Hispanic Music Practice - OLS Church
SATURDAY, July 07 9:00 am - Mass with Anointing of the Sick - SCM Church 3:00 pm - Confessions - SCM Church
SUNDAY, July 08
8:00 am - Mass - Eden 3:00 pm - Patriotic Rosary - SCM Church
Rachel's Vineyard of Colorado
Healing the pain of abortion one confidential weekend at a time! NEXT RETREAT: July 13-15, 2018
Contact Edith: (303) 775- 4108 (texts okay) [email protected]
Lori: (303) 904-7414 (no texts) [email protected]
Website: www.rvrcolorado.org