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Home Made Ceviche Edwin Cruz, Home Made Ceviche Specialist MagmaConf 2013

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This is how I cook awesome home made ceviche, you can as whoever went to MagmaConf enjoy it


  • 1. Home MadeCevicheEdwin Cruz, Home Made Ceviche SpecialistMagmaConf 2013

2. Agenda Roots Ingredients Variants Home made ceviche recipe 3. Ceviche, roots Pacic zones in sudamerica Moche culture, Peru 2k years ago 4. Ceviche - Roots Fresh sh Tumbo Salt Ajil 5. Ceviche - Roots Spain invasion Orange Onion Sibech = acid food 6. Ceviche, ingredients Onion Tomato Cucumber Fish (white meat) Serranos Coriander(Cilantro) Limes Carrots Soy Orange Mushrooms etc etc etc weird things 7. Variants - Fish 8. Variants - Shrimps 9. Variants - Octopus 10. Variants - Mushrooms 11. Variants - Soy 12. Home Made Ceviche 13. Disclaimer Ill sue to anybody stealing my recipe 14. Ceviche, ingredients Onion 20 Tomato 40 Cucumber 30 Fish (white meat) 100 Serranos 10-30 Coriander(Cilantro) 10 Limes 40 15. Recipe - Fish Chop the let sh in small cubes Squeeze the limes to get the juice Mix them adding salt 16. Recipe -Vegetables Chop and put in the top of the sh meat Onions Serranos Cucumber Silantro Tomatos 17. Recipe - Finishing After youre done chopping everything, mixall the ingredients together and wait 30minutes to get perfectly marinated You can add precooked shrimps and/oroctopus to the mix 18. Enjoying it The best way to eat ceviche is: Using tostadas Salsa valentina Corona Friends 19. ThanksEdwin CruzHome Made Ceviche [email protected]?