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  • 8/8/2019 Home-Made Clay Crafts for Kids


    Home-Made Clay Crafts For Kids

    Wheat Flour Photo Frame

    By Rajashree Nedungadi

    Art and craft can probably be divided into three broad categories-- painting, clay craftand paper craft. While most of us are apprehensive about painting and others are unaware

    of the magnitude and range of paper as a medium, all of us use clay in some or other form

    in our daily life.

    My definition of clay would be anything that is available in a powder form in the market

    - Plaster of Paris, ceramic powder, marble powder and any others to which adhesive can

    be added and of which moulding clay can be made.

    How To Make Clay At Home

    In the twelve years Ive been in this profession, I have worked with various media likesoap, cornflour, various powders from the market, bread and even regular wheat flour .

    Anything that can be converted into a dough form can be used as moulding clay.

    Now let me share some interesting home-made recipes for clay with you.

    Cornstarch Or Cornflour Clay

    1. One cup of cornflour

    2. One and half cups of cold water3. Two cups soda bi- carbonate or salt

    4. Food colouring

    Mix salt and water and heat the mix, but do not let it boil. Once it is mixed well, remove

    from fire and add cornflour. Keep mixing. If it is not thick enough, reheat it slightly.

    Sand Clay

    1. One cup clean sand2. One cup water

    3. One cup cornflour

    Mix all the ingredients and heat on a low flame, stirring continuously. Once a lump isformed, remove and let it cool. This mixture will have an interesting texture.

  • 8/8/2019 Home-Made Clay Crafts for Kids


    Edible Clay

    1. One cup powder milk2. Half cup peanut butter

    3. Half cup honey

    Mix all the ingredients and let your children have fun making interesting things. They can

    eat their creations later, too!

    One of the most interesting home-made doughs consists of wheat flour and salt. We will

    be making a photo frame with this dough.

    Wheat Flour Clay

    Materials required:

    Mount board Wheat flour - 2 cups

    One cup salt One cup water


    Toothpick Glitter

    Empty ball pen

    Cookie cutters Rolling pin


    Poster or food colours Photograph

    1. Mix two cups of wheat flour, one cup salt and one cup water and knead the mixture

    well. Use half the quantity for fewer items to be made. This dough will last for three tofour days without refrigeration. Wrap the dough in cling-wrap or a plastic sheet, or keep

    it in a plastic container.

    2. Cut the mount board to 6 inches by 8 inches to form the outer part of the photo frame.

    A photograph of 4' x 6' can be stuck in the centre, leaving a one-inch border for sticking

    the clay craft (fish, starfish, shells and plants) to decorate the photo frame.

    3. Plan the sea scene by making a rough sketch on the photo frame. Decide on the

    number and size of the fish, plants and shells, and the area where the sand has to be stuck.

    4. Apply Fevicol over the entire one-inch border on all four sides of the frame. Spread the

    sand evenly over this.

    5. After an hour, tap the photo frame on a piece of paper to loosen the excess sand.

  • 8/8/2019 Home-Made Clay Crafts for Kids


    6. Take a small quantity of the dough and roll it into a teardrop shape. Make at least five

    to six of these in different sizes. Flatten these from top to bottom and twist them a little.Your underwater plants are ready.

    6. Take some more dough and make a bigger teardrop shape for the fish. Flatten this and,with a toothpick, make its eyes on the pointed side. With the scissor, make a small cut on

    the pointed part of the dough for the mouth.

    7. Make three triangles with the dough, stick two on the sides of the fish and one on its

    back to form the fin and the tail.

    8. Use the scissor, toothpick or empty ball pen to make scale patterns on the body of the


    9. Take some more dough and make a star shape out of it. Make some lines and dots on

    the body to form a starfish.

    10. Make a small, thick teardrop, flatten it and give a rounded edge to the pointed side.Make lines from the pointed side towards different points on the broad side to form a


    11. Roll some dough flat and use small cookie cutters to cut interesting shapes for the

    underwater flowers.

    12. Bake these items in the oven at 120 degrees for five minutes, or in the microwave at

    maximum heat for one to two minutes. Alternately, air-dry them four to five days.

    13. The fish, shell and other items can now be coloured. Use poster colours to colour the

    plants green, the fish in various shades, the starfish in light pink and the shells and

    flowers in interesting hues. Once the colours are dry, apply some glitter to enhance the


    14. Stick the plants, shells, fish and starfish on the photo frame using Fevicol, then mount

    the photograph in the centre.

    15. Cut the mount board into a trapezium measuring 8-10 cm in length. The width of the

    upper part should be 4 cm and the lower part 6 cm. Fold about one centimetre from thetop and stick it to the back of the photo frame to form photo frames stand.

    The same process can be used to make name plates, fruit baskets on a mount board andsmaller items to stick on magnets or attach to key chains even beads. The latter can be

    made by rolling small pellets and sticking a knitting needle through them to form a hole.

  • 8/8/2019 Home-Made Clay Crafts for Kids


    Oil the knitting needle so the dough does not get stuck to it. After ten minutes, remove it

    and continue until you have the required number to beads. String them up to make a

    home-made necklace.

    You can also make cartoons characters and stick them on big safety pins to use as

    brooches. Paint these smaller articles with clear nail paint to give them shine and gloss.

    Rajashree Nedungadi has been a professional art and crafts instructor for the lasttwelve years. She conducts workshops at schools and colleges and also undertakes

    artistic corporate gift contracts.

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