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1. AboutUsHomestore Online specializes in creating custom made blinds, but providesmany different types of furnishings and other quality products for the home.Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we work to ensure that ourmade to order products are not only durable, but also fit the clients customspecifications. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to helpyou complete many interior design projects. 2. Wall Murals - HomestoreDon't waste time and space on boring, plain white walls when you couldfeature exclusive vistas and pleasing, relaxing images that convey feelingsof pleasure and rejuvenation to your visitors and business clientele? Fromamazing photographic panoramas to simple relaxing nature scenes to worksof sheer artistic genius, our collection of wall murals will intrigue andamaze. 3. Wall Decals -Homestore OnlinePrinted wall decals are a great way to add colorful designs to your wallseffortlessly, that can later be removed without damaging the wall surface.Our decals are made with the most vibrant inks and highest qualitymaterials to ensure durability and lasting color. Choose whimsical, playfuldecals for a child's room or bold, colorful art designs to add a focal point toyour living room wall. Decals come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. 4. Wallpaper -Homestore Online Walls don't have to be boring, with a selection of wallpapers and otherkinds of wall dcor that can be easily applied - and removed - fromHomestore Online. Why sit and look at a boring old white wall whenyou can have a stunning mural or eclectic design on your wall that willamaze and delight your visitors? Check out our amazing selection ofwallpapers. 5. Wall Stickers-Homestore Online 6. Window Coverings-Window coHverinogs dmefinee yousr sttyleo, frrome timeleOss clanssicl toi unltrae-modern, andcan transform a room completely, allowing in just the right amount of light toset the tone for your daily activities. From custom made venetian blinds toroller blinds, roman blinds, vertical or zebra transition blinds, you'll findexactly the look you're going for at Homestore Online, where our expertconsultants can help you select the materials and colors that are perfect for yourdecor. 7. Kitchen & BathroomMake a bold statement with sleek, artistic tap ware and fittings in your kitchenand bathroom that are not only functional but pleasing to look at. From avantgarde to art deco, these are not your grandmother's faucets! We have a varietyof surface finishes to choose from, ranging from polished chrome to antiquebrass, copper and black. Easily installed and built to last, these fittings add atouch of fashion flair to every kitchen and bathroom. 8. Gift Ideas-HomestoreOnline