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1. The world with smart house 2012 Rasheed Khlifat 2. Home TouchHome automation can be defined asanything that gives you remote orautomatic control of things aroundyour home. Smart home systemsnot only provide means for energysavings and cuttings on yourelectrical consumption, butmoreover, it provides for luxuriouslifestyle, enabling 3. Benefits of having a fully automatedhomeComfortable & Secure lifestyleComfortable & Secure lifestyle: Monitorand control your home from anywhereand anytime.Energy Saving: Save on your electricitybill, water bill and your Diesel bill.Materials Saving: Since our system usesthe Mesh topology less conduits and Materials Savingwires are needed.Time Saving: Less time is required toinstall the system.Time SavingLess Replacement Maintenance: withour extended 5 year limited warranty youLess Replacement Maintenancewill get to benefit from using our productslonger without worrying about damages. 4. Design for private house 5. Control Pointe 6. Design Control Pointe Flowchart Welcome Screen Main Window Main ScreenSecondary Temperatur LightingMedia Security Functionse Next/PrevioPlay/Pause VolumeAlarm Tertiary Functions Scalability Scalability us SongControlControl ControlControl 7. Project Tasks 8. Tasks Project Duration Per Week 9. Programmi ngTest DesignEngineeringCommunica tion 10. Programming Engineering Design Communication Test15%40% 21% 15% 9%1500000200000090000 27000030000GovernmentSuppliersOperator approveSoftware Installing 5%5% 5%7.5% 7.5% 900009000090000Assembly Equipment 750000 75000020% 20%1000000 1000000WebHomeApplication7%7%7% 30000 30000 30000 11. Project NetworkActivities Duration DescriptioPrecedingnactivitiesDesign A12Communica B24 tion AProgramminA= 12 EC 6 gA,BA B Engineering D20C Test E 8 DD A= 12C 12. TotalTotal Cost : Duration : 3,890,000 24 Weeks Main goal4G life 13. Project Business Goal 14. Project Review1. Benefits of having a fully automated home2. Design for private house3. Design Control Pointe Flowchart4. Project Tasks5. Tasks Project Duration6. Estimate project ratio7. Estimate project cost8. Project Network9. Project business goal


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