homework: ch 15 test tomorrow frontpage: get ready for jeopardy review

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  • Homework: Ch 15 Test tomorrowFrontPage: Get ready for Jeopardy Review.

  • Heritage of China Wi Di!S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • And the categories areShn h(Geography)

  • Sh j shng(General Facts)

  • Confucius Says

  • Fng sh (Patterns of Life)

  • Cho di(Dynasties)

  • Shn hSh j shngConfucius SaysFng sh Cho di100100100100100200200200200200300300300300300400400400400400500500500500500

  • Round 2:

    Double Jeopardy

  • Shn hSh j shngConfucius SaysFng shCho di40040040040040080080080080080010001000100010001000

  • Final JeopardyThe Category is

    Make your wager nowMongol Conquest

  • And the answer isName of the son of Genghis Kahn who brought all of China under his controlWho wasKublai Kahn?

  • Shn h 100The current capital of ChinaA: What is Beijing?S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 200A: What is the Yellow River?Nickname for the Huang He river, a result of the soil it carriesS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 300A: What is the Heartland?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewThis region of China, similar in nickname to the MidWest in the US, holds most of the good farming land in China

  • Shn h 400A: What is the Chang (Yangtze)?This is the longest river in AsiaS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 500A: What is Thailand?The nation colored here

    S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 400A: What is loess?The yellow-brown soil carried by the Huang He river is known by this nameS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 800A: What is Tibet?Another name for the region in southwestern China which was once independentS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Shn h 1000A: What is Hanoi?Capital of the nearby nation of VietnamS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 100A: What is highest population in the world?China currently holds this worldwide distinction with regard to its populationS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 200A: What is Mandarin?The official language of China

    S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 300A: What is the Han ethnic group?About 95% of the people of China are members of this ethnic groupS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 400A: What is j as in joe?The zh in Chinese is pronounced like this S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 500A: What is the Peoples Republic of China (PRC)?Official name given to the country of ChinaS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 400A: What is sh, as in sheep?The x in Chinese is pronounced like thisS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 800A: What was the Middle Kingdom?This name was used by early rulers to describe Chinas unique position in the worldS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Sh j shng 1000A: What is the Gobi desert?This geographical feature separates Mongolia from ChinaS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 100A: What are the 5 relationships?Confucius taught that in order to restore stability in society, all people needed to obey rules governing theseS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 200A: What is Daoism?This philosophy focuses on living in accord with nature, and the idea of non-action and non-thoughtS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 300A: What is friend to friend?The only one of Confucius 5 relationships in which both persons were equalS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 400A: Who is The Mandate of Heaven?The Chinese idea that the power to rule comes from the godsS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 500A: What is the dynastic cycle?The consistent changing of ruling families throughout Chinese history is known asS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 400A: Who was the Xia?This legendary group was believed to have been Chinas first civilization, though little evidence of it existsS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 800A: What is Legalism?School of thought that believes people behave out of self-interest, and the only way to control their behavior is punishmentS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Confucius Says 1000A: What is the Tao te Ching?Book that contains the major teachings of Lao Tse, the founder of DaoismS2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Fng sh 100The key way that the children of artisans, merchants and peasants could move up in societyS2C13 Jeopardy ReviewA: What is education (the examination system)?

  • Fng sh 200One similarity between Hindu society and Chinese societyS2C13 Jeopardy ReviewA: What is arranged marriages, social hierarchy, women in inferior position?

  • Fng sh 300S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewThis painful practice originated in China around 950AD, and made Chinese women more beautifulA: What was foot binding?

  • A: Who were the soldiers?Fng sh 400This group was the lowest on the Chinese social class structure

  • A: What is social mobility was possible in Chinese society?Fng sh 500One major difference between Chinese society and Hindu society

  • A: Who are the gentry?Fng sh 400Name given to the wealthy, landowning class of China that shunned labor and grew their fingernails long

  • Fng sh 800The Chinese principle of giving respect and loyalty to ones parentsS2C13 Jeopardy ReviewA: What is filial piety?

  • Fng sh 1000Confucian book which contains teachings to be followed by every individual and familyS2C13 Jeopardy ReviewA: What is the Analects?

  • Cho di 100A: What was the Qing?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewThis was the last of the Chinese dynasties

  • Cho di 200A: What was the Silk Road?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewThis transportation route linked China to the rest of Asia and beyond

  • Cho di 300A: Who was Shi Huangdi?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewThis leader was the First Emperor to unite China, in 221BC

  • Cho di 400A: Who were the Mongols?This group invaded China from the northeast, overthrew the Sang and set up the Yuan dynasty (wait for it) S2C13 Jeopardy Review

  • Cho di 500A: What was the Han dynasty?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewDynasty which brought back Confucianism, utilized the examination system, and developed the use of paper

  • Cho di 400A: What was the Forbidden City?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewName given to the city within a city, Emperors home found inside of Beijing

  • Cho di 800A: What was the Ming?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewLate dynasty in China, which attempted to isolate China from outsiders after initiating several expeditions to reassert its trading power (think vases)

  • Cho di 1000A: Who was Marco Polo?S2C13 Jeopardy ReviewItalian explorer who stayed in China for over 20 years and mesmerized Europeans with his descriptions.

  • Daily Double

    And the answer isS2C13 Jeopardy ReviewMake your wager now