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This is a preview of the forthcoming project Homogeneity is a Myth.


  • Homogeneity is a Myth

  • Michael B. Maine, www.michaelbmaine.com

    2016 by Michael B. MaineAll photography Michael B. MaineHair/Makeup by Juel Bergholm

  • To my sister, Jessica.

    Ive always loved you.

  • Homogeneity is a Myth was largely inspired by Cynthia Cockburns book The Space Between Us: Negotiating

    Gender and National Identity in Conflict. In this work, Cockburn explores how various groups of women

    have worked together across borders to see the humanity in each other during times of national conflict

    when the rhetoric of sameness is used to breed hostility.

    In this venture I explore areas where identity-based conflict occurs daily. Dismissive language and

    behavior robs us of the richness that exists in the individual by reducing the totality of their being into a

    limited, pre-existing story. Any group of people is just thata group of peopleeach person with their own

    unique constructions and expressions of identities, hopes and dreams, perspectives, and lived experiences.

    Im not creating this work for any one particular audience. This is a visual manifestation of the

    exploration of things that keep me up at night. Additionally, it is a celebration of the people who trust me and

    this project enough to allow themselves to be vulnerable and intimate in order to ignite curiosity in others. My

    goal with this exhibition is to temporarily suspend judgement and invite you to catch a glimpse inside each

    individual. Thank you for being here and being curious. Thank you for giving yourself and others the rare gift

    of attention.

    Michael B. Maine

  • Im an artistIllustrator and Graphic Designer, and art educator (docent).

    My interests are not defined by preconceived notions of race and gender. I love

    history, art history and Opera and Early Music, for example. And I practice yoga.

    When I first moved to the West Coast (Bay Area) I felt free from the narrow spaces

    of the East Coast (and its history and conventions) and I had a real connection

    with the vast dramatic western light and landscape and sense of possibility. It

    sent my heart soaring.

  • I tend to relate particularly well to people twice my age. Most of my closest friends

    are over 60, and I feel a special bond with the Baby Boomer generation.

    I wish for the work I do as an artist to reach far and wideacross media, across

    generations, across cultures, without boundaries or specific labels about what my

    work is and what it is not.

  • The only situation I feel me its when I am with my son and people I feel are

    sincerely true with me. They bring so much happiness and peace to me. My son

    is my big fan of everything I am accomplishing; because of that I dont know the

    word failure.

  • I am an ageless creative black man...As long as I am able I will defy being placed

    into a time or category.

    I am a Board Certified M.D. Physician. I was an Ob/Gyn and Emergency Room

    Physician who worked at a North Carolina Emergency Room Hospital where the

    White Husband of a woman refused to have his wife examined by a Black Man

    (Me)Unless she was dying or bleeding to death. Which was exactly the option. I

    did examine her and stopped the bleeding. Erase Racism one patient at a time.

    I feel ME when I see, feel, and touch ART. The HUMAN is able to always see and

    capture the unseeable and unthinkable in so many ways. I feel honored to live in

    a world with ART.

  • Im a first generation immigrant and I could join the Daughters of the American


    I expect people to take accountability and ownership for their words, actions, and

    expressions. Im deeply loyal to the people I choose.

    I enjoy the periods of transition. I like the act of preparing food. I like the process

    of moving (especially to a different country). I like cleaning out my sock drawer.

  • The time when I feel the most myself is when I am shooting photos. I love working

    as a model, but the feeling I get from capturing images from my perspective that

    are true to how I see the world is exhilarating. Something people might not guess

    about me from my appearance is that I actually love colour! I always wear all

    black but I love being surrounded by flowers and colourful lights and things of this


  • My internal world is a creative mix of analytic and emotional.

    Im proud that, as a poet, I developed a trauma-informed therapeutic poetry

    program that serves homeless and incarcerated youth around the country.

    I love being around happy children.

  • Food brings people to the table. I show my roots and my feelings through cooking

    and language. That is how I want people to see me.

  • I am not as delicate and weak as I look physically.

    I am a change agent with resilience and determination.

    I feel most me whenever I can integrate arts/fashion with charity/philanthropy;

    I call this Fashion Integration (similar concept as the national movement of full-

    health integration).

  • Special Thanks:Juel Bergholm (Hair/Makeup)

    Victor Loo (Creative Consulting)

    People Featured (In Order of Appearance):Kimberly DerianaCeleste EricssonMichael Cepress

    Kate MensahDr. Michael GreerMeera Bhardwaj

    RantRichard Gold

    Radha SadacharanVictor Loo

    2016 Michael B. Maine

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