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  1. 1. Secrets to flavour your brand
  2. 2. Honeycomb Creative Support (P) Ltd., founded in 2008, by a group of experts in Advertising,Media,Web and print technology.Todayit has been transformed into one stop destination for all Brand Communication & Design Solutions. It hasthe latest technology and state-of-the-artinfrastructure.Located at Koramangala,Bengaluru, Honeycomb cater to Advertising agencies, IT & Retail corporates, SMEs, Educational Institutions, Fashion, Lifestyle & Product photographers.Honeycomb has not left any stone unturned where there is scope for Brand Communication & Design Solutions.
  3. 3. OurServices Interactive Services Corporate Videos, Product Videos (Shoot/Animation/ Combination) Website Design&ApplicationDevelopment E-commerce PortalDevelopments Emailers HTML Social Media CreativeDevelopments. Social Mediacampaigns Social MediaMarketing
  4. 4. OurServices Creative Services GraphicDesign Logo & BrandGuideline Development ArtworkProduction &LayoutAdaptationofMagazine Ads, Press Ads & Hoardings Content / Copywritingfor Brochures, Websites & Advertisements Product Photography forE-commerce Solutions Image EditingandPhotoRestoration
  5. 5. Fine Art Print Services Canvas Printing (Archival Canvas) Newspaper Proofing for Advertising Agencies & Corporate Online Art Photo Gallery Printing on Archival Medias OurServices Onsite Creative Studio At Client Location
  6. 6. Why Honeycomb? Quality Racked Up We have amazing resources that dish out the best flavours, yet creating a unique blend to make your brand stand apart. Our Vintage Collection Our experts have accumulated decades of experience to know the collection of services needed to spice-up your Brand Identity through Communication Design. Expert Blends We understand your palate and the taste you relish. Hence, we deliver the right Brand Communication & Design Solutions with the exact combination of services needed to achieve it. Minimal Prep. Time Time is always of the essence while we prepare what you like. So we ensure that there is no waiting beyond the promised delivery time. Latest Prep. Tech Our workspaces are equipped with the best tools to aid us in delivering your orders with perfection. And, we guarantee you will never ask for a refund! One-Stop Tasty Shop Every permutation & combination of flavours is available at our doorstep. Indeed, you would not want to go anywhere else!
  7. 7. GraphicDesign Too many cooks spoilthe broth is justa myth for us. Our experts collaborate efficiently to deliver the best results for every Communication Design project and there is no aspect that we dontcover. Ad Design Print Collateral o Brochure o Newsletter o Catalog o Poster o Calendar o Leaflet Direct Mailer Illustrations & Caricatures Packaging Design Logo & Brand Guideline Development Billboard Standee Banner PromotionalCampaign Label Design
  8. 8. Samples est wishesto Mandelaover 95th birthday WIMBLEDON 2013 ISNOWIN THE HISTORYBOOKS. MURRAYWINS6-4,7-5,6-4 TOBECOMETHE FIRSTBRITISHMEN'S WIMBLEDONCHA MPIONSINCE1936 warmest wishes to Mandela over 95th birthday
  9. 9. Artwork Production& LayoutAdaptation Our secretrecipes have wowed many clients foryears. But, with a technologicallyevolving workspace, our recipes forartwork with any layout adaptation is now delivered on the dot and is sought after! Artwork Development& Adaptation from Master Creatives Data Population on Templates 3MFireProtection Products CondenceEven under Fire
  10. 10. Artwork Production& LayoutAdaptation
  11. 11. Artwork Production& LayoutAdaptation
  12. 12. Content& Copywriting Each spice adds a level of complexity to the flavours, like every word adds a level of meaning to the content at hand. Any formof promotion, be it for print, banners or even online based marketing, our words for your business willsurely makethe right impact. Colors Beyond Reality Creating perfect Color Manag ement Solutions with latest technology and innovations. We just don't Meet exp ectations. We Exceed them. Bodhi Professional Solutions Pvt. Ltd . Old No. 77/ 78 Sudhindra Bldg, 8th Cross Malleshwaram, Bangalore 560003, Reach us @ info@b odhi-pro.com, Tele - 080 2356 3369 / 70, Delhi 0 9015160302, Hyderabad 0 9343128490, Mumbai 0 8088920 426 Kolkata 0 9831171651
  13. 13. Image Editing Want us to restore or re-innovate a classic? We havethe expertise on howto do it! The equipment needed to recreate ormodifyany photo into somethingnewand brilliant is ourspecialization,just like a fine-dine segment of a five-starhotel. Equipment & Software Used: Apple Mac-Pros, Quato Monitors, Star ProofColor Management System. Photo Restoration ClippingPath Image Clean Up Cutout & Channel Masking ColorCorrection & Re-touching Super-ImposingofImages
  14. 14. Image Editing
  15. 15. CorporateVideos/ Product Videos A brilliant 7 coursemenu, is something to look forward to fromstartto finish. From the entres to the desserts, each & every courseis a continuation of the previous course, yetdifferentand delightful to taste. Our video production serviceis no different. Fromthe opening, each scene is scripted and shotto perfection, maintaining the continuity needed to shift to the next scene, making the viewer interested enough to watch from start to finish. This includes, shooting the video anywhereneeded, and post production to the final cut as per the requested format. Wrangler eBay Visit our YouTubepage www.youtube.com/honeycombindia
  16. 16. Web Services & App Design Did you know there are a million variety of salads possible? Yes indeed! With an exhaustivemix of the available ingredients, it is always possiblefor us to create the right salad. It is as simple as designing (UI) and creating a website with a hostof services, applications & codes, ingrained into the design that makes your website unique with a fresh perspective, straightfromthe chopping board. Static Web Designing Dynamic Web Design E-commerceSolutions Web Application Development Website Maintenance E-Mailer Design SEO SMM bodhi-pro.com maxlinktechnologies.com britishbiologicals.com coldsmith.in dinternationaldesign.com aindra.in
  17. 17. Photostop - ArchivalPrinting & Online Art - Photo Gallery ArchivalPrinting Renowned Photographers for us, arelike repeat customers ata Fine-Dine restaurant, always coming back for theexcellent serviceand quality delivered in ArchivalPrinting Solutions. With the Epson Stylus Pro 9900, 11 color printer, every artistic vision comes alive. Online Art - Photo Gallery Photostop also has an online gallery to help Photographers sell their work through Printed Photo Frames. They are given royalty oncethe print is sold. For moredetails log on to www.photostop.in
  18. 18. If food critics take the finished productas referencefor evaluation of similar products, then you can be sure, our cost effectiveyet quality sample does the job in helping you get to actual production. Accuratepaper quality reproduction for Newsprint, ArtPaper, Vinyletc. using the Epson 9900 11-colour printer and proofing from65 LPI to 220 LPI using the Star Proof Color Management Systemand the Harlequin RIP. Proofing for: Standard Newsprint Semi Matte Art Paper Pink Newsprint CMYK Proofing - Newsprint & Art Paper HoneycombProof Original print HoneycombProof Original print
  19. 19. Ever looked at the brilliantly plated dishes and wondered how enticing it would be to taste the food? Imagine, products from every industry shot so brilliantly for every consumer to admire the productand wanting to own one. From raw images to clean up to colour enhancement and the finished product, every image is treated with precision and care like dishing out brilliant food fromraw materials to preparationto the finished product. Product Photography
  20. 20. When home delivery can become a time consuming process during hunger, you so wished you had your own kitchen with expert chefs fulfilling your hunger needs. Your constant supervision and instructions would haveresulted in food being served on time, to satisfy your cravings. Well, Honeycomb has the perfectsolution. We will setup an onsite studio for you, so that our talent can sit at your place of business & deliver every design requirement, straightunder your supervision. This ensures timely and quality delivery of your requirementto your satisfaction. A few of our clients where wehave an active onsite supportsetup are leaders in the Retail, Lifestyle & ITSpace. Onsite Studio Case Study A leading online furniturecompany was looking for an onsite service provider for their online banner designs and website creatives. They required productbanners and posters for continuous onlineupdates in a less time consuming and effective way. After a look around, they finally found the right solution with Honeycomb CreativeSupport. Honeycomb provided themwith 4 designers, including a production manager at the onsite location. They have been producing exceptional creatives and banners sincethen.
  21. 21. Our Clientele
  22. 22. ClientsSpeak We havebeen dealingwith Honeycomb sincepastseveral years and wefind then very creative, very responsive and have lots of collaborativespiritin them Rajeev Kulkarni Wipro Technologies - Manufacturing and Hi- tech BU Dear Noufel, Thank you for the good support offered to Bosch for the various Artwork Production & Graphic Design for our Newsletters, Artwork Production & Graphic Design for our Newsletters, Brochures, Technology panels and flex hoardings for our automotive business. We are glad to work with you and your team who are very responsive, flexible to our requirements and we appreciatethe personalised servicerendered to us with the shortestpossiblelead-time.